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4 Steps to Create Timeless Birth Announcements

Birth Announcement - LukaFew things are more special than having a baby. It’s such a joyful occasion, and one you should share with the many important people in your life. After all, the only thing better than having a happy event is sharing that happiness with the people you care about. Here’s how to share the birth of your newborn with your loved ones.

Since I recently went though the process of creating birth announcements I thought I would share some tips with you. And since the announcements have already gone out I’ve also shared a picture of the announcements with you.

1. Make a list

The first thing you should do is make a list of everyone you want to send the announcements to. Parents, grandparents, siblings, and in-laws are all people who should receive announcements. Then you start to branch out with your list. Extended family, such as aunts, uncles, and cousins should also get sent announcements. If you have a big family, it’s a good idea to double check with a parent to make sure you didn’t forget someone. Friends and coworkers can also get announcements, but if you’re going to send announcements to more than one coworker, you may want to consider making sure everyone on your team gets one too. You don’t want to cause hurt feelings in the work place by not including everyone.

2. Decide on a theme and color scheme

Next, you’ll want to decide on a theme and color scheme for the announcements. Light blue and pastel pink are always classic choices for baby announcements. Pink flowers or sketch florals look great on cards for girls. For a boy, you can have stars of a blue background, or use an animal themed template. For a more unique color scheme, you can use light green or yellow whether you are having a girl or a boy.

3. Hire a photographer

You can’t have birth announcements without some baby photos. Make sure you find a photographer experienced with newborn photography. Some photographers only offer sessions in their studio, others are more flexible and will travel to your home (fun fact – I offer both options!). Newborn photos are ideal for birth announcements, and these types of photos are best taken within the first few weeks of your baby’s life. Photographers can have limited availability. They need time to go through each of the photos, edit them, and get them back to you. A narrow time frame for newborn photos, coupled with potential scheduling conflicts, means that you should book your newborn photographer before baby arrives. Typically I tell clients to book in your 2nd trimester. This ensures that you can get quality newborn photos on your birth announcements. If you are in the Indianapolis area I would love to be your Indianapolis newborn photographer.

4. Order birth announcements

Finally, it’s time to order the announcements. Double check your list of recipients to make sure you get enough cards. Have photos taken of your baby by an experienced newborn photographer. Then find a birth announcement design you love, and customize it. Basic Invite has many wonderful card designs that are all completely customizable. From birth announcements to bridal shower invites and everything in between, they’ll have the perfect card for you. You can edit the card’s font and color scheme with hundreds of different options to choose from. Your birth announcements will be beautiful and completely unique.

And that’s it! You now have everything you need to create beautiful birth announcements you’ll treasure for years to come. Remember to double check your list, decide on the right color scheme, find a photographer you can trust, and order your announcements. Congratulations to you and your family on their new addition.

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