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Fresh 48

Newborn Logan – Fresh 48 Photography in Carmel, Indiana

This sweet girl was tiny but mighty. She was only 4 hours old for her Fresh 48 session at St. Vincent Carmel Hospital. She was super alert and she knew what she wanted! If she wasn’t happy she would wail. When she was happy she would stare me down with her beautiful eyes. She weighed in at just over 6lbs. She might be small but there is no mistaking this sweet girl for a tough cookie. We were able to get some really sweet pictures and I love the one where she was holding her dad’s hand and also the one where she was looking at the camera with her parents in the background.

newborn baby girl with Hi I'm New Here Shirt

black and white image of baby in hospital with parentsIn-Hospital Newborn Photography - Fresh 48 Session  Carmel, Indiana fresh 48 photography mom and baby in hospital - Carmel, IN Fresh 48 Photography newborn baby and dad in hospital - Fresh 48 Session

Photographing newborn in the hospital is one of my favorite things to photograph! Most hospitals are now allowing guests which means I’m able to photograph more Fresh 48 sessions – yay!! If you are considering doing one, don’t hesitate. You won’t regret it!! I would love to be your Indianapolis Fresh 48 photographer. Fresh babies are just the best.

It Feels So Good to be Back in the Hospital – Indianapolis Birth and Fresh 48 Photography

I miss being at the hospital all the time to capture those fresh new babies! I used to do a bunch of Fresh 48 sessions and Indianapolis birth photography. With the COVID restrictions that has been difficult these last few years. However, the hospitals are finally starting to open back up which is super exciting and refreshing. Most hospitals in the Indianapolis area are now allowing 4 support people. All 4 have to be the same throughout labor and delivery and only 2 can be in the room at one time. But this means that I can be in the room with your significant other and take pictures during labor and delivery or for a Fresh 48 session!

That is what these clients decided to have me do. This is their third little one and they had Fresh 48 sessions for the other two babies. They couldn’t dream of missing this special time for their new little one. Luckily, they didn’t have to miss it! This Fresh 48 session was dreamy. I completely over shot the session (took too many pictures) because I was excited since it had been too long since I was last in the hospital. They had a lovely room with lots of light, an adorable new baby boy, and both parents were overjoyed to welcome their third little one into this world.

While I’m obsessed with the 100+ images in this client’s gallery I’m even more obsessed with the Fresh 48 video I produced for them. If that video doesn’t give you baby fever I don’t know what will!

Hello my name is Grant - sticker photodad chaning baby's diaper baby holding dad's finger black and white images for Fresh 48 session newborn baby and family right after birth of son crying newborn excited parents taking picture of new baby boy birth and fresh 48 photography - black and white image of baby  St. Vincent's Hospital in CarmelFresh 48 Session in Hospital - family pictures


What a perfect time in this little guy’s life for pictures.
Now that the hospitals are opening back up, let me know if you are interested in doing an Indianapolis Fresh 48 photography session! I would love to get back into the hospital as much as I used to in those pre-COVID days!

The Last Fresh 48 Session Before Corona – Indianapolis Photographer

Writing this post seems super surreal. When I did this session there were rumbles of Corona and at that point it was more of a joke then anything else. Colleges (and all schools) were still still in session and they were having Corona parties. The hospital was more concerned about the Flu then Corona. No one (or at least not me) had any idea what was coming! I had no idea this would be the last time I was allowed into the hospital for any session for the foreseeable future.

I LOVE shooting in hospitals. I love births and Fresh 48 sessions. The hospital is a magical place. Had I known that this would be my last visit to the hospital for a sessions for a while I may have spent a little more time there or treasured my time there just a little bit more. Heck – I may have even knocked on a few doors and offered to shoot for free (that’s not creepy – right?!). That is how much I love shooting these sessions and it breaks my heart I won’t be able to do it again for a while.

Even though I wish I would have known it was my last time in the hospital for a while, it was still a fantastic session. These two beautiful Moms were wedding clients of mine. I adore following along and capturing their life story for them.

outside of Indianapolis hospital

baby feet in hospital - black and white Indianapolis fresh 48 session - in-hospital newborn photography two moms and newborn baby baby detials big smiles family picture with newborn baby so tiny mama kissing baby's feet smiling down on baby boy portrait feet

Stay tuned. I’ll be posting their in-home lifestyle newborn session soon. You won’t want to miss it.

If you are looking for an Indianapolis Fresh 48 photographer be sure to let me know. I love shooting at the local hospitals and hopefully restrictions to do so will be lifted soon. I can’t wait to meet your new little baby in the hospital, in my studio, or in a in-home newborn session.

Baby Corinne Meets Her Big Sisters – Indianapolis Fresh 48 Session at Community Hospital North

I think every family should book a Fresh 48 session. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first baby or 5th. There are just so many memories that happen in those first few hours of baby’s life that you will want to remember! Your baby will only be this tiny this one time. Trust me, you will not regret doing a Fresh 48 session after your little one is born!

This session met all the check boxes for a perfect Fresh 48 session. These are long time clients and it was a day after I just photographed this little baby girl’s birth. I had the joy of being able to also capture this little one meeting her two sisters for the first time. This little newborn baby was so easy going and she let her sisters love on her all they wanted!

Don’t miss the Fresh 48 video at the end of the post. There are even more goodies and video clips in it. Ga!! What a great session. Send me all those new babies in the hospital please!!!

Indianapolis Fresh 48 Photography  Dad cuddling new baby girl soon after birth Adorable little family in the hospital - Fresh 48Dad and newborn baby in hospital Siblings meting newborn baby in hospital for the first time big sister holding newborn baby sister whole family in hospital bed after baby's birth Birth photography Indianapolis - siblings with baby sister The whole family with their newborn baby - Indianapolis Fresh 48 session Sweet baby girl in hospital - Indianapolis Fresh 48 session big siblings interacting with baby at hospital - Fresh 48 session

Here is the in-hospital Fresh 48 video. There are some great clips of all three sisters interacting together. What is not to love!?

Welcome to the world, little one! I can’t wait to continue to document your growth over the years. Stay tuned for an in-home newborn session for this little cute.

If you are looking for an Indianapolis birth photographer feel free to reach out and let me know. I love capturing birth (including labor and delivery) and/or Fresh 48 sessions (in-hospital sessions soon after the birth of baby).

It’s a Girl – Indianapolis Birth Photography

I’ve had the joy of capturing so many milestones for this lovely family including their wedding and the birth of their 1st baby together. I couldn’t have been more excited to photograph the birth of their 2nd little one! Birth is never dull and this mama makes it look so easy!

They didn’t find out the gender for baby number two beforehand. They were so excited to announce baby girl number two when she was born. Baby was born healthy and happy. She is the most content little newborn I’ve ever met. She didn’t really cry (don’t worry – she had great color and all her vitals were just fine!) and was alert and content with whatever was going on around her.

This little one was name-less when I left the hospital a few hours after she was born. But, I was able to do a Fresh 48 session for them a few days later so stay tuned for that post with a name update. There is also a lovely birth video at the bottom of this post. You won’t want to miss that!!

Mom laboring in hospital - Indianapolis birth photography Mom and dad before meeting their new baby - Indianapolis birth photographybaby guesses Active labor - pushing baby being born - Indianapolis birth photographer welcome to the world baby mom seeing her baby for the first time Dad cutting the cord dad in awe of his new baby girl meconium on newborn mom and dad looking at brand new baby moments brand new baby in hospital - Birth Photography Indianapolis A little family newborn baby winking baby being weighted dad kissing mom after giving birth to their daughter   through your eyes hydration is important during breast feeding mom and baby after birth - Indy birth photography

I hope you also enjoy the birth video from this labor and delivery. It include both pictures and video clips from the birth.

Birth photography is one of my favorite things to shoot. However, I only offer a limited amount of Indianapolis birth photography sessions a year. If you think you might be interested in having a birth photographer at your Indianapolis birth please let me know as soon as possible so that I can keep my calendar open for you.

Meet Hayden – St. Vincent Carmel Hospital Fresh 48 Photography

This session was all sorts of crazy (no fault of anyone – except maybe me). First I arrive to the session and realize I forgot a memory card – whoops. I’ve been shooting for 10 years now and I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever showed up without a memory card. I was horrified. But lucky I live close to St. Vincent Carmel Hospital so I was able to run home and grab a card. Then I walk into the hospital about 20 minutes late and 2 minutes later the pediatrician showed up and let us know he needed the baby for a procedure. So needless to say I had to come back later that night. It was no big deal and it was the least I could do after showing up late! Good news is all went well after I was able to actually take pictures. Also good, everyone was super easy going about all of it. I love easy going clients. 🙂

St. Vincent Carmel Hospital newborn photography - Fresh 48 sessionFresh 48 session Carmel, Indiana mom and newborn baby in hospital black and white newborn picture in hospital - Fresh 48 session Carmel, IN newborn baby boy dad and newborn baby boy in hospital Fresh 48 family poses in hospital The whole family in the hospital

Such a stunning family! Wait till you see this little cutie in the studio!

Are you looking for a newborn or Fresh 48 photographer in Indianapolis? If so, let me know! I would love to photograph your family in an Indianapolis area hospital.

Community Hospital North – Birth and Fresh 48 Session in Indianapolis

When this client booked with me I was free all around her due date except for one day… I had to go home for a family wedding. Well it just so happens she had her baby that day. Good news is I had an awesome back-up photographer on call for that day so those beautiful birth photography images were not missed. Bad news is I didn’t personally get to see this mama during her stunning labor. But I did edit and deliver the images to the client so I know it was a perfectly beautiful labor and delivery. For privacy reasons I won’t be sharing the birth images but I think you NEED to see the Fresh 48 session. These guys have a stunning family and this little guy is SO loved by so many already. Here are just a small sample (seriously their Fresh 48 sessions gallery was over 120 images!) of the session. This in-hospital newborn session gives me all the feels and makes me want a big family more then anything!!!

Both big brother and big sister were both excited to meet their new sibling (who was nameless during this session). But my favorite reaction was big sister and just how much she wanted to hold and love on her new sibling. She even sang happy birthday to her sibling at one point (see the video at the end for that!). It was all a joy to watch and capture!

Community Hospital NorthCommunity Hospital North - Fresh 48 session - baby only pictures newborn baby hand on mama parents in black and white with newborn baby in hospitalsiblings meeting for the first time  Community Hospital North - newborn baby with dad sibling hugs kisses to new baby from big brother and sister in hospital big sister loving on new baby brother in hospitalFresh 48 session with siblings in hospital poses

Ga! I adore Fresh 48 and birth sessions but this session makes me fall in love with them all over again! Bring on the babies, please!! Let me know if you are interested in Indianapolis birth photography. I would love to see if birth photography would fit into your birth plans.


Baby Barr #3 – Fresh 48 Session at St. Vincent Carmel Hospital

This family means the world to me! I’ve had the honor of photographing all three of these boys as newborns. When the first little guy was born I didn’t even have a studio so I came to their home with LOTS of stuff and set up my little travel studio in their home. For their second baby they opted for an in-home lifestyle newborn session which was super special (but they came to my studio for all the milestone sessions). Now I had the joy of capture baby number three in the hospital for this Fresh 48 session. Not only did I get to capture this little guy in the hospital but I also had the opportunity to capture the little one meeting his new siblings for the first time! Baby #3 was nameless when I arrived at the hospital so I think he should rename nameless in the blog post too. This handsome baby boy also came to the studio for in-studio newborn pictures so stay tuned for those. Big siblings make a cameo in that session too!

This session took place at St. Vincent Hospital in Carmel, Indiana. Be sure to scroll down to the end of this post to see the Fresh 48 video. There are lots of clips of all the brothers interacting. You won’t want to miss it!!

St. Vincent Carmel Hospital Carmel Indaina in-hospital newborn photography - Fresh 48 session baby features - Fresh 48 session in hospital mom and baby in hospital after delivery parents with brand new baby in black and white dad and baby in hospital for Fresh 48 sessionmom and baby pictures in hospital in black and white siblings meeting baby brother for the first time siblings holding baby sibling for first time in hospial cudding with new baby black and white images of meeting baby sibling for first time in hospital - Carmel Indiana Fresh 48 session


If you are looking for an Indianapolis photographer let me know. I would love to lean more about your photography needs to see if I might be a good fit for you.

Baby Weston – Central Indiana Hospital Photography – Fresh 48 Session

That time in the hospital before you get to bring baby home is such a special time! Your baby is so teenie tiny and the time in the hospital goes by in such a blur. I love it when clients choose to capture this time in their lives and I’m sure they love the resulting images (and video!) too. Never again will baby be this tiny and new.

This sweet couple was excited to welcome their baby boy Weston into the world! He was a tiny but adorable little peanut. I hope you enjoy the pictures from their Fresh 48 session. Be sure to check out the video at the bottom. It is one of my favorite Fresh 48 videos to date.

outside of hospitalIndianapolis in-hosital photography in-hospital photography - fresh 48 session - posing ideas mom and baby boy tiny baby head and mom Fresh 48 poses - newborn photography pictures in hospital - great ideas dad and newborn baby - stunning hospital shot  sleeping newborn baby baby swaddled in hospital bassinet baby in hospital Fresh 48 photography in Indianapolis, IN

Welcome to the world little Weston!!

If you are looking for someone to capture your baby in the hospital be sure to book a Fresh 48 session! I offer Fresh 48 photography in Indianapolis and Central Indiana. Be sure to book your session before baby arrives! I know in-hospital pictures aren’t for everyone… I also offer in-studio Indianapolis newborn photography too!

Baby Cooper – Indianapolis Photography Fresh 48 Session at Community Hospital North

Meet newborn Cooper. He was born at Community Hospital North which is where his Fresh 48 session took place. This handsome little guy happens to belong to a good friend of mine. It’s always fun and exciting to capture little ones that will grow up in front of my eyes. This lovely family couldn’t have been more excited to welcome little Cooper into the world and big sister did such a great job with her new brother. I can’t wait to watch their relationship grow and change in the coming years. Be sure to check out the video of this family at the bottom of the post! You won’t want to miss the adorable antics of big sister.

Community Hospital North - Indianapolis Hospital and Fresh 48 PhotographyFresh 48 Session in Indianapolis, IN

in-hospital photography - fresh 48 session silly babysiblings meeting for the first time in hospital

holding baby brother for the first timesibling love - Fresh 48 sessin at Community Hospital North


sibligns meeitng for the first time in hospial - fresh 48 session - new baby

Indianapolis hospital photography by KristeenMarie

A family of 4 in the hospial after birth of baby

family love in the hospital - Indianapolis, Indiana

perfect baby boy

Stay tuned for Coopers in-studio newborn session which is coming soon!

If you are looking for a photographer in Indianapolis be sure to let me know. I would love to photograph your family too!