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Westfield Indiana Newborn & Child Photography

Westfield Indiana Newborn & Child Photography

Westfield Indiana Newborn & Child Photography

Westfield Indiana Newborn & Child Photography

Our Rainbow Baby – Little Luka Lane

It’s been a LONG journey to get this little guy here. If you have followed my story you know that getting pregnant has never been easy for us. It takes a lot of time and probably some luck. We were able to get pregnant a little less then two years after my middle child was born. Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in a very traumatic 2nd trimester miscarriage at 17 weeks. After the miscarriage we went on to see a fertility specialist (I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Jarrett at Indiana Fertility Institute) who helped us get pregnant again and helped us avoid a miscarriage. The protocol after getting pregnant included daily injections of a blood thinner throughout my pregnancy. Giving myself a daily shot in the stomach was not something I ever though I could or would have to do. But when you want something enough you can do anything. I wanted to complete my family and this little guy was worth EVERY.SINGLE.SHOT.

I’m so excited that Luka is here and I’m almost as excited that I’ll never have to be pregnant again – ha! While my family is complete I’ll forever be an advocate and supporter for those dealing with infertility and miscarriage. If you (whoever you are) ever want to talk I can always make time for lunch.

Little Luka was born on 5/25/22. He is tall and skinny (maybe my husband will get his basketball player after all) and as cute as can be. Luka means “to light” or “the light” and so his first and middle name put together (Luka Lane) means “to light the path/way”. I love that and I just love him to pieces. So far this little guy has been super easy going (being a 3rd child that might just be out of necessity) and he is full of smiles.

Indianapolis Newborn Photography - 3 siblings with newborn babysmiling and sleeping newborn baby boy

Newborn boy in rustic box with greenery    Newborn boy in bucket on green backdrop newborn in heart black and white baby features - hands, feet, lips Newborn baby boy photography  newborn in studio with two siblings Luka Lane - Newborn pictures black and white newborn photographySibling poses with newborn baby - 3 siblingsCute little baby Lukamany faces of baby

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about baby Luka! If you are expecting a little one and are looking for an Indianapolis newborn photographer don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to meet your new little one and get your due date on my calendar. I’ll be back from maternity leave in early Sept. I’m taking due dates from Sept 1st or later.

Bianca Lily – Westfield Newborn Photography

Bianca Lily came to visit me in the studio and I was so happy about it! She came with her family, including her big brother, Luca. They were both over the top adorable! We took so many photos that her gallery was over 100 images. Both her and her brother were super sweet and fun to work with. Luca was very cuddly with his new baby and his Mama, which lead to some great images. She was just a little peanut- around 6 pounds when she came to visit for her shoot. I loved how we swaddled in her so many different colors and wraps! She definitely gave us some adorable smiles and when she opened her eyes and gave us more wide awake smiles- gah- they were just the cutest! There were so many fantastic photos, I cannot choose a favorite.

posed newborn photography - Indianapols newborn photographerbaby sister with new big brother - pink and blueThe whole family with newborn baby girl - Indianapols family and newborn photography black and white images with new baby  newborn baby girl smling surrounded by purple flowers  sleeping newborn girl in bowl - boho - blush and cream

Bianca Lily, you are the sweetest! I would love the opportunity to meet your sweet little one as well for a newborn photo shoot. If you are looking for a Westfield Indiana newborn photographer let’s get your due date on my calendar! My studio is located in Carmel, just minutes from Westfield.

Behind the Scenes for a Newborn Photography Session – Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

You may have seen a while back (a LONG while back at this point – months before COVID was even a thing that we knew about) I did a model call for an Indianapolis newborn photography session. I was looking to update my website with some images of me working. So one of my local photographer friends came a took some pictures of me while I was shooting. It’s good for me to be on the other side of the camera once in a while. I prefer being behind the camera but at this shoot at least I got to be behind the camera and in front of the camera all at the same time!

This shoot was extra fun because I got to choose all the set-ups. Normally I ask the clients for input but since this was a model call all the decision making was up to me. So I tried a few new things – the heart bowl with a backdrop on  top of it and a St. Patrick’s Day set-up.

I hope you can see from the pictures how much I truly love my job. I love each and every little baby that comes into the studio. I adore capturing these tiny humans with all my heart. And I hope to make art that your family will treasure for a lifetime.

Please know that this session was done long before COVID hit – I’m just now getting around to sharing. Things do look a little different in the studio due to COVID. If you are interested in reading about our COVID practices in the studio you can do so here.

wrapped baby shots - behind the scenes of a newborn session

baby in purple on white - Indianapolis newborn photography black and white newborn imagenewborn baby in floral print baby with greenery mom and newborn baby black and white image Mama and baby girl St. Patrick's Day Newborn baby image newborn girl in heart - purple  Photography Studio Inspiration - Behind the Scenes of Newborn Photography Studiobehind the scenes pull back shot from newborn photography pictures photographer working with newborn baby in heart prop newborn baby on a beanbag photographer holding newborn

Precious in Pink and Purple – Westfield Newborn Photographer

This precious little newborn all swaddled in pink and purple was just the sweetest little babe to have in the studio.  I really enjoyed having the whole family in the studio- and it really brings back memories as I photographed this little baby’s older sister when she was a newborn as well.  Big sister is almost two years old, so two kiddos under two can be quite a handful, but at these ages you have to take what you can get and let me tell you- these little ladies did pretty well!  Big sister liked to “kiss” her little sister by bumping foreheads together- what a sweetie!  I am sure that they are going to grow up to be best friends!

black and white newborn picture - Westfield, IndianaWestfield family with newborn baby girl two under two - newborn girl and two year old sister baby girl and sibling Newborn baby photography in Westfield, IN - baby girl on purple  newborn baby girl with flowers Westfield Indiana parents with newborn babyNewborn baby feet with parents wedding rings

Sisters definitely do make the best friends, I know because I have a little sister of my own!  If you want to capture the memories of newborn photography or siblings meeting for the first time, reach out to me to get your due date on my calendar.  I offer newborn photography in Indianapolis and I also offer Fresh 48 sessions where I will come to the hospital and photograph the first moments when big sisters and brothers meet little sisters and brothers!

Newborn Photography Guided Tour with KristeenMarie Photography – Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

I’m super excited to share with you my new Indianapolis newborn photography promo video!! If you have ever wondered what it is like in my studio with a newborn this video should give you a good idea of what to expect. My studio is stuffed full of props, backdrops, wraps, and headbands. I’ve got everything covered for your newborn photography session. All you need to bring is your brand new baby! I hope the video conveys my love and passion for what I do. Cuddling, posing, and photographing newborn babies brings me so much joy. I hope to provide you with images that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Thank you to all my clients who allow me to photograph their little ones. I appreciate you trusting me with your precious gift.

Also a big thanks to Erin with Little Nuggets Photography + Film for producing this video for me. You rock, girl! 🙂

Baby Beatrix – Westfield Newborn Photographer

Meet adorable little newborn Beatrix, her two fur brothers and stunning parents. This little girl was perfect in every way… she had a nice patch of hair, sweet girly features, amazing soft baby skin, and two fur brothers that were very curious about her and her whereabouts. Every time I would pick up baby Beatrix one of her fur brothers was on high alert! It was a clear to me that there was a beautiful friendship forming. But for right now the fur brother was a great watch dog.

Westfield Newborn Photographer moody rustic newborn pictures of baby girl - brown earthy tonesbaby in a bucket with family dogs sleepy newborn baby the whole family including newborn baby and dogs Westfield family pictures with newborn baby girl beautiful black and white newborn pictures Westfield Newborn photography - baby girl in purple and cream

Welcome to the world Beatrix! It is clear that you are so loved by your whole family!

If you are looking for a Westfield newborn photographer be sure to reach out and let me know. I would love to photograph your new baby. The best time to schedule newborn pictures is before baby is born. Let me know if you are interested in getting your due date on my calendar!

Baby Gracie – Westfield Newborn Photographer

I’ve probably said this a million times, but I’m going to say it again. I just love watching families grow and capturing their milestones for them year after year! I was able to capture big brother (now 4) when he was born. Just recently I captured baby Gracie in the studio for her newborn session. It’s such a joy to watch families grow like this!!

Baby Gracie was adorable. She was a little snuggle bug. Big brother just loved on her and it was the cutest. I hope you enjoy her newborn pictures!

newborn baby in dad's hands - black and white imagepeach and cream newborn pictures - adorable newborn photographylifestyle family poses with newborn baby - Westfield, INWestfiled newborn photography by KristeenMarie - black and white newborn image  sleeping newborn baby girl - so sweet Westfield newborn photographer  family poses with newborn baby - Westfield photography studio big brother and newborn baby sister - sibling poses newborn baby features - toes and profile

Welcome to the world, baby Gracie. Thanks for coming to visit me in the studio!!

If you are looking for a Westfield newborn photographer be sure to reach out and let me know. I would love to photograph your little one. The best time to book your newborn session is before baby arrives. So if you are expecting be sure to contact me know to get on my calendar!

Waller Family – Cool Creek Park in Westfield, Indiana

This was my first time photographing this sweet family and I can already tell you that they are pretty amazing. They are super easy going and as cute as could be!! What is better than a cute baby and a fun pup?! I just loved baby Waller and I can’t wait to watch her grow over the next year!! I hope you enjoy their family session that we photographed at Cool Creek Park in Westfield, IN.

baby and dad fingers baby with Santa elf hatblack and white crying baby pictures mom and baby - 4 month old Westfield family photographer bulldog love dad and baby girl the whole family - bulldog and all family pictures with 4 month old baby girl

If you are looking for an Indianapolis photographer be sure to reach out and let me know! I would love to photograph your family!!

Sweet Little Kiaan – Westfield Newborn Photography

This new little guy in town is Kiaan.  He has an incredible head of hair and the longest eyelashes I have probably ever seen on a baby.  He is just so adorable!  Check out some pictures from his shoot:

neautral swaddle newborn baby photography black and white newborn photography newborn baby boy in neutral colors newborn baby boy with parents  naked baby photographynewborn baby with stuffed elephant newborn baby boy swaddled in blue

What a little cutie!  Welcome to the world, little man!

If you are looking for a Westfield Newborn photographer, be sure to reach out.  I would love to get your due date on my calendar to take pictures of your new little addition!


Baby Beckette – Westfield, Indiana Newborn Photographer

This sweet baby girl made me work pretty hard to get her to sleep. But, it was so worth the work. She was a cutie when she was sleeping and when she was awake!  Check out her adorable photos below.

newborn girl in cream with accessories

Hello… I’m awake… awake and smiling newborn baby black and white pictures of newborn baby from Westfield, Indiana  family pictures with newborn baby - Westfield, IN family newborn baby girl in pink with flowers - rustic newborn photography Westfiled Newborn Photographer wrapped baby in a box - wrapped prop pose for newborn photography

Isn’t she a cutie?! Welcome to the world little one.

If you are looking for a newborn photographer in Westfield, Indiana be sure to reach out and let me know. I would love to get your due date on my calendar.