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It’s different when it’s your own kid… Jack’s first birthday cake smash

I photograph cake smash sessions all the time… at least once a week. But they have never been as emotional for me as this one. Because this cake smash session was for my baby. This last year just flown by. I can’t believe my baby is one!! I know people say it all the time, but you don’t understand how true it is until it happens to you. This session left me teary eyed and that sad. My first baby isn’t a baby any longer. Yes, I am excited for all the milestones to come, but I’m also nostalgic for all the milestones that he has already mastered.

That being said, it also made me grateful for all the pictures and videos I have have of this little guy. It made me excited for these pictures to remember and cherish these times. Sorry for such a sappy post, but I just had to share. The first year goes WAY too fast. Don’t forget to cherish and capture these times with your little one. They will be gone in a blink of an eye.

1st birthday smash cake

Indianapolis cake smash photography

star themed 1st birthday party - blue and gold cake smash for boy

star and moon themed first birthday cake smash session

knocking over the cake

the birthday boy cake smash

lots of emotions of baby Jack turning one

boy eating birthday cake

the excitmement of a one-year-old


frosting feet

messy birthday boy

the aftermath

Before I had a kid, my photographer friends would tell me how much harder it was to shoot their own kids. I don’t think I really believed them until I had my own. Here is a little behind the scenes to see what went into this shoot.






  1. OMG so funny! You never would have guessed the chaos behind the camera! The pics are beautiful! I’m planning my son’s first birthday cake smash in July. Do you mind sharing where you got his outfit from?? It’s perfect! The star garlands too! Love it all.

  2. kristeenmarie says

    The outfit is from I love their little boys clothes specifically the rompers.

  3. Where did you get the star banners? they are so cute!

  4. How did you string your star banners?
    I’m doing a banner and can’t figure out what the best method would be.

  5. Christy Trieu says

    Where did you get the tiny lights? They are super cute!

  6. I love the one cake topper. What was that made of?

  7. This is so cute! Loved watching behind the scenes haha. Your boy is beautiful! Doing a cake smash for my son turning 1 in a month and just wondering what size that cake is? Xx

  8. kristeenmarie says

    It’s a 6in cake

  9. Where is the white backdrop from? Cant seem to find a good one! Thank you!

  10. And this is the best cake smash I’ve ever seen!!! Is the backdrop a white or grey paper?
    And where did you find a cute gold cake stand like that? Love it!

  11. kristeenmarie says

    I made the gold cake stand. Just sprayed another cake stand that I already had.

  12. How many stars did you cut for the garland? How long were the garland? Thanks!

  13. Hi, can you please tell me what paper did you use for the stars, what paper for every color?

  14. Thanks for the reply!! Can you please tell me the size of the stars?

  15. And did you use glossy card stock or just regular?

  16. Pictures looks crisp and beautiful. What lens you used?

  17. I thought that the garlands were digitally made? We’re they? PD Your pics are beautiful!

  18. Beautiful work! I’ve been planning to do my own cake smash photos and this is a huge inspiration. What kind of lighting did you use for this shoot?

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