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Fresh 48

Fresh 48

Henry – Fresh 48 Session at Community Hospital North in Fishers, Indiana

I love my job for so many reasons, but it is sessions like this that make me feel like the luckiest lady out there! This family has been friends of ours for years. I photographed their first little guy when he was born, and now I had the chance to photograph baby #2 in the hospital for this fresh 48 session. The best part of the session was getting to watch the brothers meet for the first time!

baby features in hospital for Fresh 48 sessionsiblings meeting for the first time in hospital - fresh 48 photographymeeting sibling for the first time   hugssiblings meeting for the 1st time during Fresh 48 sessionreaching for babyA family of 4mom and newborn baby  baby in bassinet in hospital room

What a beautiful family! Welcome to the world little guy!

If you are looking for an in-hospital newborn photography session in Indianapolis be sure to reach out. I would love to get you on the calendar for a Fresh 48 session.




Newborn Audrey – Fresh 48 Session in Greenwood

I love Fresh 48 sessions where I get to capture siblings meeting for the first time! It’s such an honor to be able to share this special moment with families. This big brother was all smiles when he got to meet his newborn sister. It was too perfect!!

It’s not always possible for me to make it to capture siblings meeting for the first time. However, when schedules allow it’s so much fun! I shot this session on Easter Sunday because I didn’t want to miss this sweet moment! I hope you enjoy the pictures.

new baby photography at Community South Hospital in Greenwood, Indianafamily with brand new baby girl siblings meeting for the first time in hospital big brother holding new baby sister family picture in the hospital - Greenwood, IN hospital - Community South kisses from big brother  baby girl brother playing in hospital room tiny baby girl features

Welcome to the world, baby Audrey. It was a joy meeting you!

If you are looking for a newborn photographer in Indianapolis be sure to reach out. I would love to photograph your new little one in the hospital for a Fresh 48 session or in my studio for a newborn session (or both!).


Baby Jack – Fresh 48 Session

This session was all sorts of crazy and I LOVED every minute of it! Just like any hospital room, there were multiple doctors and nurses coming in and out, the boys were playing (as they should!), and baby brother was hungry on and off. The older boys were excited about their new baby brother, but they were also excited about their trucks and playing with their mom and dad. Every time baby brother was in kissing distance of the other boys one of them would promptly kiss their brother and say “I love you baby Jack”. It was the sweetest. I was able to catch this on video a few times and I just love it!

Fresh 48 photography Indianapolis excited to meet new sibling the whole family celebrating new addition dad with boys in hospital room Indianapolis in-hospital newborn photography by KristeenMarie newborn baby boy in bassinet in hospital newborn boy in hospital baby in mom's hands brand new baby boy

Stay tuned for more pictures of baby Jack. He also came to the studio for a session. I can’t wait to share those pictures too.




Fresh 48 Session at IU North Hospital in Carmel, Indiana

This session was a memorable one for sure! There were so many great images that I struggled to pick the best for the blog post.

This sweet family delivered their 2nd born (a 2nd girl!) at IU North Hospital in Carmel, IN. I was there to capture the moments when their 1st born met her new baby sister. It was a moment that brought tears to mom’s eyes (and maybe mine too). Big sister was SOOO excited to meet her little sister. She kept talking about how tiny her hands and feet were and she loved that her new sister had a shirt that matched her’s. I’m honored to have been able to capture these sweet moments for this family.

mom and dad with new baby Carmel Indiana Fresh 48 Photography at IU North Hospital Sisters meeting for the first time in the hospital - Fresh 48 - priceless images! Fresh 48 Session at IU North Hospital big sister so excited for mom and new baby sister big sister holding baby feet the whole happy family black and white detial images - Fresh 48 big sister holding little sister for the first time - black and white image the delivery room at IU North Hostpial in Carml, IN mom and her girls mom and newborn baby in hospital newborn baby girl in hospital - Fresh 48 - in-hospital room photography tiny detials from tiny baby

Welcome to the word baby girl. I’m excited to have you in the studio for your newborn photography session very soon!

If you are looking for Fresh 48 photography for your newborn in Carmel, IN be sure to reach out. I would love to photograph your little bundle of joy in the first few hours of his/her birth.

Fresh 48 Hospital Session at IU North Hospital

Every time I do a Fresh 48 session I remember I much I love them. There is something magical about a hospital room after a little one is first born and mom and dad are getting to know their new baby. This one was no exception.

This session was done at IU North Hospital in Carmel, Indiana. Big sister was over tired and didn’t want to participate in the session. But you know what, that is real life! And little sister did end up coming around and enjoyed meeting her new sibling.

baby right after birth

loveblack and white birth photography reading story in hospital room newborn girl in hospital room  crying baby Newborn Photography in Hospital Room IU North IU North Hospital Newborn Photography mom and baby Indianapolis Fresh 48 Photography Session The whole family in the hospital room big sister meeting baby sister sisterly love at the hospital  family

Such a sweet growing family! This family was just in the studio for an in-studio newborn session too. Stay tuned for those images.

If you are interested in doing a Fresh 48 session be sure to reach out and let me know. I would love to photograph your little one.

Community South Hospital Fresh 48 Session – In-Hospital Newborn Session in Indianapolis

Baby Bennett was welcomed into the world on June 12th, 2015. Four hours after his birth his Fresh 48 session took place. This makes him the youngest little newborn that I’ve ever photographed! The session took place at Community South Hospital in Indianapolis where Bennett was born.

Community South Hospital Newborn Photography

I was able to capture Bennett meeting his big brother for the first time. newborn baby in Dad's hands the growing family in hospital room

Bennett’s big brother also had a special gift for him…

giving little brother first gift dad and baby

Grandma and grandpa where also there to love on their new grandson…

baby with grandparents 2015-06-18_0020 mom and newborn baby kissing baby brother The Whole Family  2015-06-18_0018Pictures at Community South Hospital


Welcome to the world Bennett! Stay tuned for this little guy’s in-studio newborn pictures.


In-Hospital Newborn Session at Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis

There is something so real and genuine about a Fresh 48 session. A Fresh 48 session is where I visit the hospital room of new parents within the first 48 hours of baby’s birth. This allows for me to take some real emotion filled images that capture the baby in it’s first hours. This is something new that I’ve started offering. Many parents are choosing to do the in studio newborn session plus the Fresh 48 session. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE the posed newborn pictures. However, I also love the real moment that I get to capture in the hospital room.

This session was so perfect. The baby’s dad greeted me at the hospital room door. He was so excited to tell me that he had a beautiful baby girl. So before I could even put my camera bag down or anything he lead me right to the baby to show me his beautiful baby girl. He was so full of joy and excitement. He was right, he did have a very beautiful baby girl. I just LOVED being able to capture these parent’s excitement for their new little one in this setting.

having a newborn at Eskenazi hospital in Indianapolisfamily with baby Family at Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis mom in baby in Indianapolis hospital baby in hospital parents watching newborn babyFresh 48 session in Indianapolis, Indiana newborn being snuggled by momFresh 48 photography mom and baby dad and his newborn baby girl


crying newbornskin to skin with newborn baby

newborn baby in Indianapolis hospital room

This little one’s in-studio newborn session is coming soon. Stay tuned.

If you are expecting and interested in booking a newborn session be sure to reach out and let me know. I would love to get your due date on my calendar.