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Baby Rory – Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

This handsome little boy was a little older then most when he came into the studio. He was about three weeks old if memory serves me correctly. Normally, I like babies to be under two weeks for a studio session. This is because once babies hit that two week mark they start to become more alert and they don’t tolerate me moving them around while sleeping very well. That being said, this little baby boy was a champ – especially for his age. He definitely preferred to be wrapped, but what baby doesn’t?!  He still let me pose him as I liked. For this session we also included baby’s fur brothers because everyone who owns a dog knows that dogs are family too! At the very end of the session we were able to take baby outside for some outdoor newborn pictures. I love photographing babies outdoors in the summer in Indianapolis!

newborn baby boy on white - Indianapolis newborn photographer Sleeping newborn boy all bundled up mom and newborn baby poese - Indianapolis newborn photographer newborn baby and dogs outdoor newborn photography in Indianapolis, Indiana

Such a cute little boy! He was a joy to work with.

Let me know if you are looking for an Indianapolis newborn photographer! I would love to photograph your baby when he/she arrives!!!

Jack Landon – A Very Special Indianapolis Newborn Session

This is a VERY special newborn session because this session is of my little guy. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy getting pictures of Jack. I was sleep deprived and not fully healed and I was learning how to be a mom. That being said, I knew I wanted to take my own in-studio newborn pictures. These pictures were taken over a series of 5 or 6 days. In the moment, it was hard to get the time and energy to take these images. In retrospect, I’m SOOO glad I did it even though it wasn’t easy! I’ll cherish these images for a lifetime and they mean even more to me since I took them. Don’t worry… I also hired a photographer to take some pictures too. I knew I wanted to be in some of the images. But the images in this blog post are just the ones that I took. I hope you enjoy meeting Mr. Jack. I’m sure there will be a lot more pictures of our little one to come.

newborn baby with stars - star themed newborn announcement idea


smiling newborn boy with starsbaby fingers  sleeping newborn in wrap

This image wasn’t planned. I was taking pictures of Jack alone and Rosie decided she wanted to be in the pictures too. It ended up being one of my favorite images. labradoodle and newborn baby

I’m in love with this little guy in every way (seriously, I couldn’t imagine I could love him any more). I especially love his long fingers and toes, his adorably pink lips, his luscious eye lashes and full head of hair!!

newborn baby features in black and white

This session wouldn’t have been complete without at least one Butler related images. If you knew my husband and his family you would know that this image was completely necessary… Butler University newborn photography pictures - Butler Basketball included mini labradoodle and baby in a basket Butler basket ball, newborn baby, and labradoodle puppy - it doesn't get more prefect

Our mini labradoodle pup (Rosie) isn’t normally allowed in the the studio. However for this extra special newborn session we made and exception and she made herself at home!

dog in the newborn photography studiobaby in a basket in black and white

Indianapolis newborn baby boy pictures

sleeping newborn boy simple newborn photography sleeping little guy all propped up mini labradoodle and newborn baby - puppy and baby - so cute!

I went outside 3 different nights in order to get this image. Jack’s witching hour seemed to be right around sunset every night. But I’m persistent and we made it happen!outdoor newborn picture - baby in a basket at sunset

Jack is VERY expressive. He will let you know what he thinks about everything. These pictures all took place over the course of less then 5 minutes.

Indianapolis newborn photographer

I hope you enjoyed meeting out little Jack!

I’ll be back from maternity leave on July 10th (very soon – maybe too soon). So if you are expecting and looking for an Indianapolis newborn photographer I would love to get your due date on my calendar.






Bulldog Cake Smash Session – Willa is One

Meet Willa the Bulldog. This little girl is my brother-in-law’s pup. She got the special pup treatment for her 1st birthday. We celebrated in style with a dog cake smash session just like we did with her cousin Rosie a few months back.

After Willa had enough cake (according to our judgement, not her’s) we let her cousin Rosie join in on the birthday cake. My favorite pictures is the one where Willa is giving Rosie the stare down after she joins.

Willa the BulldogBulldog dog's 1st birthday cake How to celebrate a bulldog's 1st birthday bulldog eating birthday cake on first birthday Bulldog birthday bulldog scarfing down a birthday cake  bulldog stairdownbulldog licking his chops bulldog and labradoodle eat cake

What a couple of cuties!

Happy 1st Birthday, Willa.

Newborn Giuliana – McCordsville Newborn Photographer

Meet adorable little Giuliana. This baby girl was 9 days old for her newborn session. She was perfect in every way.

Make sure to scroll down to the end of the session. You won’t want to miss the pictures of Giuliana with her fur brother!

mccordsville newborn photography by KristeenMarieMccordsville, Indiana newborn photography by KristeenMarienewborn baby features newborn girl from Mccordsville, INnewborn baby girl on pink and cream backdropfamily from Mccordsville, IN with newborn baby

dad and his newborn daughter  mccordsville newborn photographer  family with dog and baby

newborn baby girl in a bucket


Welcome to the world little lady! Thanks for coming to have your pictures taken in the studio.

If you are looking for a McCordsville Newborn Photographer be sure to reach out and let me know. My studio isn’t far from McCordsville and I would love to photograph your little one.

Newborn Hudson and His Labradoodle Brother – Fishers Newborn Photographer

Let me start by saying that I typically discourage clients from bringing their pets to the studio for the newborn session. I typically recommend saving the pets for when the child is old enough to sit up on their own. The 6 month session is typically a great time to introduce pets into the pictures. That being said, these clients insisted that they had a great dog that was calm and well trained. So they wanted to bring him to the session and O – MY- GOODNESS I am SO glad they did!

The first picture here may be my favorite picture I’ve ever taken. I’m a little bias because I’m also a (mini) Labradoodle owner and I’m obsessed with newborns. So if it’s not your favorite picture that is ok. 🙂

Anyways, meet baby Hudson and his big fur brother Finnigan. I can’t let Finnigan steal the show. Make sure you make it all the way to the end of the post to meet Hudson’s parents. They are so stinking sweet!

Indianapolis Newborn Photographer - Dog with babyLabradoodle and newborn babyFishers newborn photography - baby boyFishers, IN newborn boy - photography  newborn boy in wrap - brown tones baby features - fingers, toes, and nose sleeping newborn boy  baby in a bucket black and white picture of newborn boy newborn photography - baby in a basketadorable little guy newborn sleeping - white and cream Fishers, IN newborn boy - photographyFishes, Indiana family with newborn babyFishers Newborn Photographer

Welcome to the world little Hudson!

If you are looking for a Fishers newborn photographer be sure to reach out and let me know. I would love to photograph your little one. Remember, the best time to book a newborn photography session is while you are still pregnant!

A Secret Session of Willa the Baby Bulldog – Indianapolis Photography by KristeenMarie

Meet Willa. Willa is Rosie’s (my pup) newest cousin. This adorable little pup belongs to my brother-in-law and his girlfriend.

It took everything in me not to share these pictures sooner. Who wouldn’t want to share this sweet face?! A few months ago my mother-in-law was watching this pup for the weekend. So I snatched her up for a quick photo session. Then for Christmas I was able to give these lovely pictures to Willa’s parents. It was perfect and I’m glad I was able to keep the secret. But now I’m even more excited to share the pictures! So enjoy sweet Willa as a pup.

Bulldog puppy pictures The many faces of a bulldog puppy Indianapolis pet photography Willa

Of course this session wouldn’t have been complete without a pictures of Rosie and Willa.

However Willa thinks Rosie’s ears are the best chew toy ever. So neither of the pups were very excited about group pictures. We may have to wait until they are a little older for this one.

Willa and Rosie   Bulldog picture in black and whitepuppy feetIndianapolis pet photographer

I’m always posting pictures of both these pups on Instagram. If you don’t follow me, you should! Check me out at @KristeenMarie

I don’t do much pet photography typically, but if you are looking for an Indianapolis photographer be sure to reach out and let me know!

A Puppy Cake Smash Session – Indianapolis Pet Photography

Are you ready for cuteness overload?! Well meet my pup – Rosie the Miniature Labradoodle.
If you haven’t heard the back story on how Rosie came to join our family then you can read that here.

Being an Indianapolis cake smash photographer I have the pleasure of photographing lots of 1st birthdays. Since Rosie turned one last Friday it only seemed fit to do a puppy cake smash session.

We started with some birthday pictures, then added a cake (don’t worry, it was puppy friendly and safe), and finally let her best friend join in on the fun.

Rosie the Labradoodle

Puppy in a party outfit dog in birthday hat and tutu

Dog Birthday Cake with purple heartsPuppy eating birthday cake Puppy cake smash Happy Birthday to Puppy Rosie and Hoosier Dogs sharing birthday cake Dob Birthday Party Dog with cake on face Rosie Celebrating her 1st Birthday Messy pup eating cake

To say Rosie enjoyed herself would be an understatement. Happy Birthday Rosie. Mom and Dad love you more and more every day!

Yes – I do know I’m a crazy dog person. I hope Rosie made you smile.

My Engagement Story – This Wedding Photographer is Going to be a Bride

I’m engaged! And I have a puppy! And I’m going to marry the most amazing guy I know!

newly engaged couple

I don’t normally tell super personal stories on my professional/photography blog, but I’m so excited I can’t help but share it with everyone. Don’t worry, I also have some fun pictures to go along with the story.

The back story…
I was getting ready to move into Drew’s (my fiancé – that still sounds really weird) house. I really wanted to be engaged before I moved in, but I had already resigned to the fact that wasn’t going to happen. The timelines weren’t matching up. My lease was up sooner than expected, subleasing was outrageously expensive and I am too logical to justify the added expense. So I was getting ready to move in.

Puppy and Engagement Ring

pretty engagement ring

How it went down…
I was heading over to Drew’s place the day before move-in. It was just a normal Friday night until I walked in the front door and heard music playing. I thought it was odd, but didn’t think much about it. I was looking around the house for Drew. I turned the corner to his kitchen and I found him there on one knee with a ring. I was shocked and so excited! Drew was shaking (literally shaking). I had never seen him so nervous.

He asked if I would marry him and of course I said “YES!”.

Then we were hugging, kissing, and shedding a few tears. That is when I felt the dog at my feet.

I asked Drew “Is there a dog in here?”

He responded “Yes, I thought you would see the dog first.”

Drew had gotten me a puppy and a ring! Did I mention I was also moving in the next day!? To say it was a big weekend for me would be an understatement.

After the proposal we went to Drew’s parent’s house for a cookout/party. There were a number of friends and family there that I got to tell the exciting news to in person including my mom and sister.

Rosie the Puppy

About the puppy…
If you know Drew you know that he is the biggest Butler Basketball fan you ever met (no joke –THE BIGGEST). So the debate between the two of us has always been what type of dog to get. He really wanted a bulldog (because of Butler and because he grew up with them) and I really wanted a lab (I grew up with labs and love them so much). So I always said the compromise should be an Australian Labradoodle.

Turns out Drew agreed and that is how we ended up with a Labradoodle. Drew took a half day of work on Friday and went to a breeder in West Lafayette to pick up Rosie (our new puppy).

Rosie was named after a Butler Basketball player – Roosevelt Jones #21. Even though Drew didn’t get his bulldog he still got his Butler Basketball influence.

So far Rosie has been an AMAZING dog. She is 3 months old and was already house and crate trained before we got her. She is sweet and affectionate and a little shy when it comes to new things but she loves people – kids, adults, anyone!

If anyone is in the market for a puppy Rosie has a little sister that is still for sale.


Puppy named after Butler Basketball Player Roosevelt Jones

Rosie is already showing a love for basketball!

Labradoodle puppy playing

Labradoodle Puppy

My story comes to an end with a little something for you…
So now it is time for this Indianapolis wedding photographer (me) to start planning her own wedding. I’m so excited about my engagement and the fact that I get to marry my best friend – Eeeek! I want to share my excitement with you. So anyone who books an engagement session in the next two months (now through Aug. 31st) will receive $50 off your session. When you message me to book a session just let me know that you read my engagement story. You must book the session and pay the deposit by Aug. 31st, the session does not have to be shot before Aug. 31st. Sorry this discount isn’t available to previously booked sessions.

Nicole and Keifer – Indianapolis Engagement Photography

Meet Nicole and Keifer. We took lots of fun pictures of these two.

They came to the session with lots of ideas. I love it when my clients get creative!

Engaged Couple

Couple in sunset with weeping willow tree

Laughing couple at sunset

Waterfall in Indianapolis

Couple on a waterafall

Engagement picture with Dog

Sweet smile

Heart in hands

Keifer is a a baseball coach and so incorporating baseball into the engagement pictures was important to this couple.

They even had custom jerseys made with their wedding date and last names.

Baseball Engagement Picture

Couple writing on baseballs

This date is on my calendar! I can’t wait to share your wedding with you Nicole and Keifer.

Baseball Save the Date

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of this sweet couple! If you did, be sure to leave a comment below for the couple.

If you are looking for an Indianapolis engagement photographer and you like what you see, be sure to contact KristeenMarie Photography.

Dad and his Dogs – Indianapolis Pet Photography

My dad is a pretty awesome guy, but he doesn’t really like to have his picture taken. He may not love having pictures of himself, but he does love having picture of his dogs!

When I was home a few weekends ago my Dad and I went out to the lake for pictures of the dogs. I did get lots of great pictures of the dogs. However, my favorite picture of the series is this one of my Dad with both of his dogs. The picture shows off the playful spirit of all three of them.

The other two ‘guys’ in the picture are Otis and Rufus (my childhood dogs). What is not to love about this image?!

Dad with two black labs

This photo is submitted for the Rock the Shot photo competition –