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My Engagement Story – This Wedding Photographer is Going to be a Bride

I’m engaged! And I have a puppy! And I’m going to marry the most amazing guy I know!

newly engaged couple

I don’t normally tell super personal stories on my professional/photography blog, but I’m so excited I can’t help but share it with everyone. Don’t worry, I also have some fun pictures to go along with the story.

The back story…
I was getting ready to move into Drew’s (my fiancé – that still sounds really weird) house. I really wanted to be engaged before I moved in, but I had already resigned to the fact that wasn’t going to happen. The timelines weren’t matching up. My lease was up sooner than expected, subleasing was outrageously expensive and I am too logical to justify the added expense. So I was getting ready to move in.

Puppy and Engagement Ring

pretty engagement ring

How it went down…
I was heading over to Drew’s place the day before move-in. It was just a normal Friday night until I walked in the front door and heard music playing. I thought it was odd, but didn’t think much about it. I was looking around the house for Drew. I turned the corner to his kitchen and I found him there on one knee with a ring. I was shocked and so excited! Drew was shaking (literally shaking). I had never seen him so nervous.

He asked if I would marry him and of course I said “YES!”.

Then we were hugging, kissing, and shedding a few tears. That is when I felt the dog at my feet.

I asked Drew “Is there a dog in here?”

He responded “Yes, I thought you would see the dog first.”

Drew had gotten me a puppy and a ring! Did I mention I was also moving in the next day!? To say it was a big weekend for me would be an understatement.

After the proposal we went to Drew’s parent’s house for a cookout/party. There were a number of friends and family there that I got to tell the exciting news to in person including my mom and sister.

Rosie the Puppy

About the puppy…
If you know Drew you know that he is the biggest Butler Basketball fan you ever met (no joke –THE BIGGEST). So the debate between the two of us has always been what type of dog to get. He really wanted a bulldog (because of Butler and because he grew up with them) and I really wanted a lab (I grew up with labs and love them so much). So I always said the compromise should be an Australian Labradoodle.

Turns out Drew agreed and that is how we ended up with a Labradoodle. Drew took a half day of work on Friday and went to a breeder in West Lafayette to pick up Rosie (our new puppy).

Rosie was named after a Butler Basketball player – Roosevelt Jones #21. Even though Drew didn’t get his bulldog he still got his Butler Basketball influence.

So far Rosie has been an AMAZING dog. She is 3 months old and was already house and crate trained before we got her. She is sweet and affectionate and a little shy when it comes to new things but she loves people – kids, adults, anyone!

If anyone is in the market for a puppy Rosie has a little sister that is still for sale.


Puppy named after Butler Basketball Player Roosevelt Jones

Rosie is already showing a love for basketball!

Labradoodle puppy playing

Labradoodle Puppy

My story comes to an end with a little something for you…
So now it is time for this Indianapolis wedding photographer (me) to start planning her own wedding. I’m so excited about my engagement and the fact that I get to marry my best friend – Eeeek! I want to share my excitement with you. So anyone who books an engagement session in the next two months (now through Aug. 31st) will receive $50 off your session. When you message me to book a session just let me know that you read my engagement story. You must book the session and pay the deposit by Aug. 31st, the session does not have to be shot before Aug. 31st. Sorry this discount isn’t available to previously booked sessions.


  1. Congratulations!!!!!

  2. Very sweet story! Congrats!

  3. Jane Patton says

    Congratulations to both of you on the engagement and the puppy!

  4. awesome to hear (read) the whole story. Very happy for both of you.

  5. Great engagement story-fitting for such a matched couple. As the story goes, happily every after. Love those doggie pictures!

  6. Hi Kirsteen, congratulations first of all. I am a photographer and just engaged too..I love your pics here..I would like to share one (and credit you of course) on my facebook page. I use my page for my photography and photography from around the world I like but do not share direct competitiors being in Indianapolis I hoped you wouldn’t mind if I asked..they are great..and I will only share once..hope you do not mind me asking. many thanks, Patrick

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