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Cake Smash & First Birthday Photography

Cake Smash & First Birthday Photography

Floral and Pink Birthday Celebration – Cake Smash Photography

Happy Birthday to this adorable little girl! She had so many cute outfits for her cake smash and she gave us the best smiles! This birthday girl had a high pitched scream of excitement every few minutes during her session. It was impressive and I could tell that she was enjoying herself! I have loved watching her grow over the last year, and a week after this session took place she had another sibling born which means I get to keep watching her grow! I just love working with families and seeing them change and grow over the years.

Happy one year old girl blush pink 1st birthday cake smash theme with floral balloon arch pretty in pink eating a cake Cake Smash session with pink balloon arch including flowers shock Happy girl

I am so glad that I got to celebrate your birthday with you, thanks for visiting me in the studio!

Cake smash photo shoots are a great way to celebrate your little ONE year old! Send me a message today and let’s get one scheduled for you as well! I would love to be your Indianapolis family photographer.

Maroon and Gold Winter ONEderland Cake Smash Session – Indianapolis Photographer

This super happy birthday girl has a huge ear-to-ear smile and just melts your heart. I have enjoyed photographing her over the last year and watching her grow! Winter ONEderland is a popular theme, but the maroon and gold gave it a little different kid of twist which I loved! Her little outfits were the sweetest and she seemed to really enjoy her cake. I loved the glow of the twinkle lights, her cute little hat, and her great big beaming smile!

happy 1 year old maroon and gold 1st birthday cake smash session winter ONEderland Christmas cake smashdigging in birthday girl baby smashing a cake yum standingbehind the scenes of cake smash session - pullback shot - winter wonderland

We definitely had a smashing good time!

Reach out soon if your little one is going to be turning one and you want to celebrate with a cake smash session! If you are looking for an Indianapolis photographer don’t hesitate to reach out!

Rainbow Baby 1st Birthday Cake Smash – Indianapolis Photographer

We have another 1 year old in the world and she is just adorable! This sweet girl was an actual rainbow baby which makes this session extra sweet with the rainbow theme. I’ve also photographed her older two siblings and they have all had adorable cake smash sessions as well. I have to say that I am quite obsessed with this cake and I am pretty sure that she was as well! She gave the cutest smiles and expressions and her exuberant personality in front of the camera made my job much easier!

birthday girl in peach dress rainbow baby cake smash 1st birthday Ranbow themed cake smash with rainbow balloon arch birthday girl eating cake cake in hands beautiful ranbow cake ranbow baby balloon arch - 1st birthday cake smash Happy birthday girl

Happy First Birthday Sweet little one! You were just ONE-derful to have in the studio! Thanks for allowing me to be your Indianapolis photographer.

If you are wanting to celebrate your sweet ONE year old- let’s get a cake smash session on the books.


Blush & Blue Cake Smash Session – Indianapolis Photographer

This was a fun and new color scheme for a cake smash that I just love how it turned out- blush and blue! The birthday girl was a hoot and super happy with all the smiles! She loved the cake and loved getting messy- especially getting her feet in that cake. She had so many wonderful facial expressions that I could not stop taking pictures! I am pretty sure that she would enjoy doing a cake smash on the daily!

birthday girl - blush and blue 1st birthday cake smashhappy birthday blush, blue, and floral cake smash with balloon archblush & blue balloon archbirthday girl - blush and blue cake smashshoving the cake in her mouthfoot in cake

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I am glad that you had a {cake} smashing time!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a little one who needs a cake smash session or if you are looking for an Indianapolis photographer in general.

Cookie Monster 1st Birthday Cake Smash Session

I have enjoyed watching this guy grow over the last year! Time sure does fly when you are having fun! This little man celebrated his birthday with a cookie monster theme cake smash. He could have sat in the studio all day eating that cake. He made lots of great facial expressions and very much enjoyed everything about this session. The pictures are just too adorable! I love how the cake turned out and the cookies in the jars in the background just look fantastic as well!

1st birthday pictures in Indianapolis photography studioCookie Monster 1st birthday cake smash - Cookie Monster Cake Cookie Monster 1st birthday cake smash cookie themed cake smash with blue backdrop adorable birthday boy with cake cutie wiht a cake - Cookie monster 1st birthday party theme eating cake look of surprise baby hyped up on sugar

Happy First Birthday! I am so glad that you enjoyed your cake smash!

If you would like your little one or your whole family captured and are looking for an Indianapolis photographer don’t hesitate to reach out!


Marcella’s Pumpkin Celebration – Cake Smash Photography

Marcella is ONE! To celebrate, her and her family visited me in the studio for a smashing good time- cake smashing to be exact! This really is the best way to celebrate a first birthday!! While this may have been a little untraditional for a pumpkin themed cake smash session, everything turned out great. I’ve done lots of pink and gold pumpkin smashes, but the colors in this palette were such unique fall colors and I just LOVED them! And the cake- I am just obsessed with it! It turned out so good! Little Marcella was not that big of a fan of the camera with the pre-cake portraits that we got, but she was all smiles after adding that cake!

pumpkin smash cake - pink, gold, purple, and organge pumpkin themed 1st birthday cake smash - pink, gold, purple, and organge pearls and frosting Indainapolis cake smash photography birthday girl happy birthday girl - pumpkin themed cake smash session untraditional pumpkin/fall cake smash session for 1st birthday - pumpkin themed cake smash session mouth full

Happy First Birthday, little pumpkin!

Thinking of celebrating your little one’s first birthday with a cake smash? Let’s do it together! I look forward to hearing from you today. Feel free to reach out if you are looking for an Indianapolis photographer.

2020 Highlights from KristeenMarie Photography

I’m sure everyone can relate… what a nutty year. I didn’t see this coming and I’m sure you didn’t either. I’m not going to lie. It was hard. Very hard. In April and May I had to completely stop shooting and then after that I only did outdoor sessions for a few months. We didn’t have childcare and I became a full time stay at home mom who wasn’t able to leave the house. It was HARD on so many levels. I didn’t know when I would be able to work again (and I so desperately wanted to). I didn’t know what our childcare situation would look like if I was able to go back to work (we just weren’t okay with sending our kids back to daycare). Basically my personal and professional world was rocked!

But you know what?! We figured things out as a family and I made some changes to the business and it ended up being a great year. We figured out our new normal and I think we are better off for it!

Here are some of my highlights as an Indianapolis photographer from 2020! These are in no particular order.

1. 1st time in the sunflower fields

This summer I had the opportunity to photograph two days in the sunflower fields and it was magical! You better believe I’ll be doing it again this year. I can’t wait!! The dates for these sessions depends on when the field is blooming. So I can’t open up booking until the farm knows when the flowers will likely bloom. If you are interested in these sessions be sure you are on my email list because I’m sure they will book up super fast this year!!

Sunflower field photography sessions in Indianapolis

2. 75 beautiful families

One of the biggest joys of my job is being able to watch and document families grow year after year. The fact that so many of my clients come back every year for pictures with me means so much! Being an Indianapolis family photographer is the best and I adore each and everyone of these families!

Indianapolis family photography

3. One magical proposal

Being able to document a proposal is nerve wracking every single time. But I enjoy the rush and appreciate the opportunity to be able to capture such a big milestone. This gorgeous couple did not disappoint when it came to this downtown Indianapolis proposal.

Proposal downtown Indianapolis

4. Behind the scenes video and photography

Before COVID hit and having an extra person in the studio or not wearing a mask was something we even though about I had two local photographers come and take some video/photos of me in the studio. It’s always weird being on the other side of the camera but I’m so grateful for both these ladies and their lovely work. Shaindel Kramer and Kelli White – you guys are the best!!

behind the scenes of a newborn photography session - the studio

5. Outdoor newborn session

You guys showed up big time this year for the outdoor newborn sessions and I’m obsessed! In a normal year I typically get one or two families who are willing to brave an outdoor newborn session with me. But when COVID hit and the only option was to do them outdoor you all did them and they where phenomenal! If you or someone you know is expecting a summer baby, let’s do their newborn session outdoors! These images are stunning. Did you know if you do an in-studio newborn session you can add a mini newborn outdoor session to your package? It’s the best of both worlds!

outdoor newborn photography

6. 62 studio newborn photography session

Studio newborn sessions are what I’m most known for and they are probably my favorite sessions to shoot. I love getting in my newborn cuddles! To have this many people trust me with their brand new babies means the word to me. I hope to see even more in 2021! Thank you for all for allowing me to be your Indianapolis newborn photographer.

Indianapolis newborn photography - newborns from 2020 in the studio

7. Seven maternity sessions

I adore pregnancy (well I personally don’t love being pregnant, but other people being pregnant is the best!) and I think pregnant women are in one of their most beautiful states. I cherish being able to capture this times in the lives of these families. If you are even on the fence about doing a maternity session please reach out to me and let me know. You won’t regret it! And a huge thank you to all these families for allowing me to be their Indianapolis maternity photographer!

Indianapolis maternity photography

8. A gender reveal photography session

This was a 1st for me and I loved it! This couple couldn’t have the gender reveal party they had hoped for due to COVID. They still wanted to celebrate so they did a gender reveal photo shoot with a smoke bomb. I’m going to add gender reveal/birth announcement shoot to my packages for 2021. So keep an eye out for that!

gender reveal photos - its a girl

9. Two Fresh 48 sessions

This one makes me a little sad. Remember, when I could go to the hospital and photograph births and Fresh 48 sessions. Ya – I don’t get to do that anymore. I get it, but it still makes me sad. Before COVID kicked me out of the hospitals, I was able to get in one Fresh 48 session at an Indianapolis hospital. Then I had one mom who booked a Fresh 48 session and still wanted to do it at her home. She still wanted those photos of her kids meeting for the first time. I was totally game and it was a great solution! I hope one day things will go back to normal, but until then enjoy this last in-hospital Fresh 48 session.

Fresh 48 sessions

9. Two weddings and 3 engagement sessions

It’s no surprise, I don’t shoot many weddings these days. Which means I don’t shoot many engagement sessions. But each one I do shoot has a special place in my heart.

weddings and engaement photos

10. Bring on the cake!

In 2020 I shot 29 cake smash sessions. That’s a lot of cake!! Each session was unique and each baby was beautiful and full of personality. I love coming up with these custom sets and I hope to do even more cake smash sessions next year. Bring me all those babies!!

Indianapolis cake smash sessions from 2020

11. My baby’s cake smash session

Speaking of cake, my little lady gets her own highlight. I adore taking pictures of my kids each year on their birthday and this one was extra special because she was one. Brynn cake smash session was inspired by her nursery and I adore it!

purple and blue 1st birthday balloon garland cake smash session

12. Jack’s 4th birthday shoot

I can’t share Brynn’s pictures and not share Jack’s! Jack celebrated his 4th birthday in style with his balloon session. This was also my only shoot in the month of April!

4th birthday photoshoot - balloon backdrop

13. One in-home lifestyle newborn session – I only did one in-home lifestyle newborn session this year, but it was for one of my favorite couples so I’m not complaining one bit!

In-home newborn session

14. 23 milestone sessions

I love all of my grow-with-me package clients! Seeing all these babies every few months is such a joy.

sitter session poses - lots of sessions

What a fun and crazy year! I’m not going to lie, I don’t want to repeat 2020. However, I think I made the best of it and I look forward to seeing all of you (and hopefully some new ones too) amazing clients again next year. Thank you for allowing me to be your photographer and document the lives of your family!!

Boy Boho 1st Birthday Cake Smash Session

Are you ready to see a little model baby?! This handsome little guy was all smiles and joy for his 1st birthday cake smash session in the studio. The theme for this cake smash session was boy boho with greenery, gold and a cute little tepee. Everything turned out perfectly- I just love this theme! I’ve done lots of boho themed cake smash sessions but this is the first one with a little boy. I’m going to have to say… I’m obsessed!

This handsome little guy’s mom runs a local boutique shop so it’s no surprise that he is dressed to impress and has the cutest little hair cut! And his beautiful blue eyes just finish off his adorable look. So stinking cute.

one year old boy in photography studio black and white image of newborn boy boy boho cake smash set-up boy boho 1st birthday cake smash - greenery and gold the birthday boy birthday cake with 1 cake topper evergreen cake smash set-up for baby's 1st birthday birthday boy frosting feet Indianapolis cake smash photography - boho boy

Happy 1st Birthday cutie!

If you are looking to capture the memories of your little one’s first birthday, let’s schedule a cake smash session! I’m and Indianapolis photographer and I would love to photograph your little one or the whole family! Be sure to reach out to me today!

Wild One – Outdoor 1st Birthday Cake Smash Session

Before it got cold we were able to capture this sweet little guy’s 1st birthday outdoors. The session started with a quick outdoor family session followed by a pretty epic cake smash session. This cake smash session was themed The Wild One after the book series Where the Wild Things Are. I loved this book as a kid and I’m excited to see another generation of kids exposed to it as well. We had the perfect lighting and location for this rustic wild shoot and our little wild one year old rocked his cake smash session.

Outdoor family pictures at sunset - Indianapolis, IN Wild one cake outside for 1st birthday party wild one outdoor cake smash wild one outdoor cake smash - 1st birthday party stunning sunlit imge - wild one cake smash cake smash on lace Wild one outdoor cake smash session - 1st birthday cute baby boy on his birthday yum! baby running away!

Happy 1st birthday, cutie! Thanks for letting me capture your 1st birthday for you.

If you are looking for an Indianapolis family photographer don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to capture you and your family sometime soon!

Magic Themed 1st Birthday Cake Smash Photography

Abracadabra – poof and he is one! It really seems like magic how quickly little ones grow up. This theme was very fitting for this adorable birthday boy as it represents that quick-ness and Magic is also this little guy’s nickname. How perfect is that!?

He was full of smiles and had the cutest outfits to celebrate his big birthday! He seemed to really love the cake and every photo that I took turned out adorable! While it is hard to choose a favorite, I think the photos with the Magic wand are just precious!

This sweet boy happens to be the youngest of 5 so this little guy’s Mom wanted to celebrate in style. And she had the kindest things to say to me after her session. And those simple words made my day.

birthday boy Magic themed 1st birthday cake smash red and white cake for Magic themed birthday tiny baby feet birthday boy eating cake - 1st birthday cake smash lovely lashes Magic themed 1st birthday party cake smash - tada, rabbits in hat - red, white and black Happy birthday boy cake cake smash magic themed cake smash with wand I'll put a spell on you the aftermath

Cake Smash sessions are just the best.  If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate your little one turning ONE, I would love to get a session on the books. I’m an Indianapolis photographer based out of Carmel, IN and I would love to photograph whatever season your family is in!