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Cake Smash & First Birthday Photography

Cake Smash & First Birthday Photography

Burgundy and Gold Cake Smash with Balloon Arch

I’ve very much enjoyed watching this sweet one year old grow over the last year. She was so sweet for her 1st birthday cake smash session. She loved eating her cake and playing with it too. My favorite was when she just went head first into the cake.  Girl knows what she wants and the easiest way to get it!

I’ve done a lot of balloon arches and I think I’m mastering the art. They are a lot of work but so worth it!

Don’t miss the video of this sweet birthday girl at the end of the post. You can see her in action smashing her cake.

Boho white birthday outfit cake smash set-up baby girl in crown maroon and gold floral cake smash with balloon arch - 1st birthday birthday girl baby going head first into her cake crawling away  baby going head first into birthday cake 1st birthday cake smash gold and maroon

Happy 1st birthday, little lady! Thanks for celebrating with me in the studio.


If you are looking for an Indianapolis photographer please let me know. I would love to learn more about what you are looking for!

Blush and Gold Boho Cake Smash Session

I’m back in the studio shooting cake smash sessions again and it feels so good! This session did not disappoint in the slightest. This baby girl, whom I’ve been photographing since she was born, was full of smiles for the entire session. She was obsessed with her cake and the blush and gold boho theme was too cute! It has been so fun to watch her grow over the last year, I enjoy spending time with her and her family. boho pink and gold cake smash with blush flowers birthday girl eating cake messy girl eating her birthday cake - boho cake smash  awsome cake smash picture - blush and gold boho with flowers Happy birthday baby baby crawling to birthday cake

And I’ll end the pictures, with a behind the scenes shot!

boho cake smash session pull back in the studio - behind the scenes

Does it get any better then a crazy adorable (and happy) baby with a cake?! I think not!

Let me know if you are looking for an Indianapolis photographer!! I would love to photograph your little one or your whole family. Feel free to shoot me a message and we will get something on the calendar.

A Very Bunny Birthday – 1st Birthday Cake Smash Session

The SomeBunny is one theme was popular this year! Here is my 2nd little bunny that was in the studio for her first birthday cake smash session. She is as cute as could be with flowers and bunny ears. I’m also pretty obsessed with her floral birthday cake.  She has a great smile and a wonderful head of hair.  She was just so HOPPY to be in the studio for her first birthday cake smash!

one year old girl blush someBUNNY is one cake smash session - 1st birthday birthday bunny - 1st birthday cake smash pink blush greenery 1st birthday cake smash bunny birthday cake smash 1st birthday cake smash with blush pink flowers and greenery birthday girl eating cake

Happy 1st birthday to this sweet bunny birthday girl!!

Let me know if you have a little one that needs birthday pictures. I adore 1st birthday cake smash sessions and I would love to be your Indianapolis photographer. <3

Outdoor 1st Birthday Cake Smash Session – Indianapolis Child Photography

Being closed for two months will really throw things off for lots of clients. However, most of my clients have been super understanding and flexible! Since shooting outdoors opened up before my studio could we rescheduled a number of cake smash sessions to be outdoor cake smash sessions. I’m going to have to say, I’m not even a little sad about this! These sessions are stunning. Look at that lovely sunrise right against that cute baby skin. What is not to love about this?!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for the studio is open again. That being said, if clients still wanted to schedule outdoor cake smash sessions I would be game for that too!!

1st birthday pictures outside outdoor cake smash session - pink and yellow  birthday girl eating cake - outdoor cake smash session Indianapolis child photogrpahy yum, yum yum birthday girl eating cakerunning for the cake

This outdoor cake smash session was too cute! Happy birthday, little one.

I would love to see your little one for a cake smash session either in the studio or outside! You just let me know what you prefer! Feel free to reach out if you are looking for an Indianapolis photographer.

Andrew’s Outdoor Cake Smash Session – Indianapolis Photography

It’s been a joy photographing little Andrew over the last year! This session was the icing on the cake to conclude his grow-with-me package. He has always been such a happy easygoing little guy and he didn’t disappoint for his 1st birthday cake smash. This session got pushed back a few times due to COVID so Andrew was a touch over 1 when this session happened, but he didn’t seem to mind much!!

We also had to move the session outdoors so we could practice social distancing while shooting. I know that this wasn’t exactly what we had originally planned for Andrew’s 1st birthday cake smash but I’m pretty obsessed with the results! I just love that sunrise light and adorable baby smiles. I’m not sad one bit to be doing outdoor cake smash sessions!

black and white image of Indianapolis family family pictures playing outdoors 1 year old pictures baby face mom giving baby cake outdoor cake smash session at sunrise in Indianapolis - Indy family photography Indianapolis child and family photography birthday boy eating cake Happy birthday boy sunrise 1st birthday cake smash - boy outdoor cake smashbirthday boy at sunrise - Indianapolis Photography

Thanks for letting me capture your first year of life, little Andrew!

If you are looking for an Indianapolis photographer to capture your family don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to meet you and your family and capture all your milestones.

You Are My Sunshine Cake Smash and Some Behind the Scenes Images

This handsome birthday boy is the youngest of three siblings. I’ve been photographing this family since the youngest was born and this family has been an absolute joy to work with! I’m a little sad to see this guy turn one because now I won’t get to see this wonderful family as often.

Little Benjamin had a You are My Sunshine themed 1st birthday cake smash session. It was super fitting for her personality because he is just a little ray of happiness. He wasn’t super into the cake (but you wouldn’t know it from the pictures). But he was as happy as could be just exploring the set.

I also used this session for some promo pictures (stay tuned for more on that) so there are a few behind the scenes images in this post as well.

1st birthday portraitsbehind the scenes image of child portrait session You are my sunshine 1st birthday cake smash session for boy sun cake topper You are my sunshine 1st birthday cake smash little fingers in cake birthday boy playing with a balloon birthday boy eating cake happy birthday boy with cake  behind the scenes of cake smash session


Thanks for celebrating your first birthday with me Benjamin! You were a little ray of sunshine and I hope that carries though past this first year. Happy first birthday, Benjamin.

If you are interested in 1st birthday photography or any other types of photography that I offer please feel free to reach out! I’m an Indianapolis photographer and I would love to photograph your family’s milestones.

Hadley 1st Birthday Cake Smash – SomeBUNNY is ONE

Little miss Hadley was excited for her birthday cake. So excited she just pushed it over… every single time we put it in front of her. No worries… we just ditched the cake stand and she just dug right in. It was the cutest!

She had a “SomeBUNNY is One” theme that went along with her almost Easter birthday.

This sweet girl happens to be born one day after my daughter. And her mom happens to be one of my good friends. My daughter met little miss Hadley when she was just hours old where we wheeled my 1 day old little girl into her hospital room. It was a moment to remember and I can’t wait for these two girls to grow up together (hopefully as friends too).

Hadley is one - 1st birthday picturesspring bunny themed 1st birthday cake smashgarden bunny themed 1st birthday cake smash  happy birthday girlbirthday girl - garden cake smash session for 1st birthday garden flowers and cake 1st birthday cake smash  crawling from cake

Happy 1st birthday, beautiful little one! Thanks for letting me celebrate with you in the studio!

Let me know if you are looking for an Indianapolis photographer. I would love to capture your family’s milestones either inside or outside the studio!

Stars and Sparkle 1st Birthday Cake Smash – Indianapolis Photographer

This adorable cake smash session might look a little familiar. It’s based off my son’s cake smash session that I did two years ago. I think imitation is the biggest form of flattery so I’m all for it! This handsome little birthday boy was the perfect model for his 1st birthday cake smash session. His blue eyes sparkled and he was generous with his adorable smiles.  He was great for the camera and most definitely had some great facial expressions.  You can really tell that he was enjoying himself and that yummy cake! Could he be any more adorable?!

Model baby 1st birthday pictures Cake Smash Photo - funny starts and sprakel cake smash for 1st birthday yum yummessy birthday boy smashing the birthday cake eating cake  blue and gold start birthday cake smash for one year old


Happy 1st birthday, little guy! Thanks for celebrating with me in the studio.

I hope you enjoyed this stars and lights 1st birthday cake smash session! I’m an Indianapolis photographer and I would love to photograph your little one or family soon. Feel free to reach out if you would like to get a photography session on the calendar.

Brynn’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash – Plum, Blue, and Green 1st Birthday Setup

I can’t believe my baby girl is one. I know they say time flies but you don’t really feel it so deeply until it’s your little baby that grows up so quickly before your eyes.

I’ve always dreamed of having a little girl and I can’t believe this precious little one calls me mom (and yes, she has started saying Mom!). It was a longer wait then I had hoped to have her but she was WELL worth the wait and it makes having her in our lives even more precious.

Miss Brynn is a joy. Her laughs are amazing. Her cuddles are sweet. She loves deeply. She is curious about everything and gets into anything. She is opinionated and will  tell you what she thinks about everything. She is strong willed like her Mama and passionate like her Papa. I have a feeling she will give us (and is already giving us) a run for our money but she will be one strong little lady – so watch out world.

Brynn’s cake smash session was done to match her nursery. You can see those pictures here if you are interested. I’ve done this for both my kids so that I can use the images later to decorate their nursery. I also use the images for thank you cards for their birthday party (print those pictures!).

At the end of the post I’ve included a video of all that went into this cake smash session. Be sure to check out the behind the scenes video if you are interested in all the madness. 🙂 I’ve also included a vendor list at the bottom of the post if you are interested in where everything came from.

1st birthday pictures - girl in plum romper black and white images of baby girl  purple, blue, and green cake smash - plum romper - 1st birthday    purple, blue, green and plum cake smash session for baby's 1st birthday - KristeenMarie PhotographyBrynn Lee Waddell - 1st Birthday Cake Smash Session Happy Birthday, Brynn Birthday girl standing up Birthday girl eating birthday cake - 1st birthday cake smash session baby one swing in studio with greenery



I love photographing milestones of any type for families in the Indianapolis area! If you are looking for an Indianapolis photographer don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know.

Vendor List

Plum Romper –

Plum Hair Bow and Bowtie –

Wood Swing –

Balloon Arch – Made by me using the following…

Metallic Balloons blown up in various sizes and colors –

Balloon Pump –

Low temp glue gun –

Seamless Paper –

Flowers Dark Purple –

Flowers Blue –

Flowers Soft Purple –

Flowers White –

Farmhouse Cake Smash – Cake Smash and First Birthday Photography

“Old McDonald had a farm, E-I -E-I -O.  And on that farm we had a cake smash, E-I-E-I-O.  With some cake here and a cute little kid there, everything turned out great!  You will surely be able to tell by the pictures that this little man thoroughly enjoyed his cake smash session and that it was a great way to celebrate his first birthday! I  am so glad that he came to visit me in the studio for this session.  There were lots of smiles and giggles and a little bit of sadness when it was all over.  He just really wanted all of the fun and the cake smashing to continue!  His sweet little romper just added to the adoreable-ness of this shoot!

little boy with bow tie first birthday farm themed cake smash farmhouse first birthday cake smash first birthday farm photos

Happy first birthday Beau!  You were a trooper for your cake smash!

Let’s celebrate your little one’s milestone first birthday with a cake smash.  Let’s plan a date today, be sure to reach out! I’m an Indianapolis photographer and I would love to photograph your one-year-old.