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It’s different when it’s your own kid… Jack’s first birthday cake smash

I photograph cake smash sessions all the time… at least once a week. But they have never been as emotional for me as this one. Because this cake smash session was for my baby. This last year just flown by. I can’t believe my baby is one!! I know people say it all the time, but you don’t understand how true it is until it happens to you. This session left me teary eyed and that sad. My first baby isn’t a baby any longer. Yes, I am excited for all the milestones to come, but I’m also nostalgic for all the milestones that he has already mastered.

That being said, it also made me grateful for all the pictures and videos I have have of this little guy. It made me excited for these pictures to remember and cherish these times. Sorry for such a sappy post, but I just had to share. The first year goes WAY too fast. Don’t forget to cherish and capture these times with your little one. They will be gone in a blink of an eye.

1st birthday smash cake

Indianapolis cake smash photography

star themed 1st birthday party - blue and gold cake smash for boy

star and moon themed first birthday cake smash session

knocking over the cake

the birthday boy cake smash

lots of emotions of baby Jack turning one

boy eating birthday cake

the excitmement of a one-year-old


frosting feet

messy birthday boy

the aftermath

Before I had a kid, my photographer friends would tell me how much harder it was to shoot their own kids. I don’t think I really believed them until I had my own. Here is a little behind the scenes to see what went into this shoot.





14 Highlights from KristeenMarie Photography in 2016

2016 has been a FANTASTIC year for a number of reasons. It’s been full of ups and downs but I would have to say that there were way more ups then there were downs. 2016 will forever be remembered as the year I welcomed my first baby into the world. So even though I didn’t shoot as much as I have in past years, I’ve accomplished so much more than just the sessions. I took three months off of shooting to create a human and it was amazing.

It’s hard to narrow down my favorite things about my job, because I’m convinced that I have the best job ever! But here goes… here are a few highlights from this year…

14. 31 Cake Smash Sessions – Every cake smash session is unique. I pride myself on creating a custom experience for each baby which includes a cake and backdrop to match their birthday theme. These sessions are so much fun for me, the baby, and the parents watching!!

Indianapolis Cake Smash Photogrpaher - Cake smash photography ideas from KristeenMarie Photo

13. 7 Engagement Sessions – Engagement photography is always fun! We get to focus on the couple and create images that represent their love for each other. I love picking locations that have meaning to the couple. Even though I took most of the Spring (the most popular season for engagement photography) off this year to have a baby I was still able to squeeze in a few brides-to-be! This year was full of lots of love. Indianapolis engagement photography

12. Introduction of Video – I’ve started surprising clients with little videos of their session. This is most common for birth sessions, but I’ve been known to do it for all the different session types. I’ve now added this as an option to add on to any session. If you are interested in adding a video to your session just let me know! I love making these.

11. A Live Proposal – I’m always super excited to be able to capture huge milestones in my clients life. It doesn’t get much more exciting the being able to capture the a live proposal! These guys are long time clients and I was also able to capture their wedding later on in the year. You can see the whole proposal here.

capturing a proposal in Indianapolis

10. 6 Fresh 48 Sessions – A Fresh 48 session is a session that is done in the hospital within 48 hours of a baby being born. This is a great session for those who aren’t comfortable with birth photography, but still want to capture the tiny-ness and emotion of the arrival of their new baby. These sessions are always fantastic as they are full of so much joy and emotion.

Fresh 48 Photography

9. 13 Beautiful Baby Bellies – I love pregnancy so much! The body is such an amazing thing and pregnancy lasts for such a short time! If you are looking for an Indianapolis maternity photographer in 2017 be sure to let me know! I would love to photograph your baby bump. Indianapolis maternity photography

8. 33 Family Sessions – Almost all of these families are past clients. One of my very favorite things about my job is getting to watch families grow. I get to capture all these memories for families year after year and that makes my heart so happy!Indianapolis family photography - KristeenMarie Photo

7. 25 Milestone Session – Being able to watch and capture all these children’s growth over their first year of life is a wonderful thing. I love being able to capture all these fun milestones in their lives while building relationships with the babies and their families.

Studio Milestone Sessions

6. 9 Stunning Weddings – I’m always so honored to be able to photograph a couple’s wedding. For me, a wedding is like being able to capture the love story of each of these lovely couples. Weddings are a huge time commitment and due to this I only take a very limited number of couples each year. However, I find each wedding to be super rewarding. If you are looking for an Indianapolis wedding photographer be sure to reach out!

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

5. 62 Newborn Babies – It’s no secret that I love photographing these squishy beautiful babies! This year the studio was full with 60 tiny fresh faces. 25 of these babies were siblings of past clients. I love watching all these families grow!! Almost all of these babies were photographed when they were younger then 14 days old. That’s a lot of very tiny fingers and toes! If you are looking for an Indianapolis newborn photographer be sure to let me know. I would LOVE to have your little one in my studio this year.

Indianapolis newborn pictures by KristeenMarie Photography

4. One Special Senior Session – I’ve been volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana for the last 7 years. I’ve been matched with my ‘Little Sister’ the whole time. This year my little sister graduates from high school. That also means she graduates from the Big Brothers program. That doesn’t mean our relationship ends, but it does mean that she will be a little harder to see on a regular basis once she starts college. I’ve so glad I was able to photograph her for her senior pictures. These photos will always be a reminder all of our time together. I don’t normally do senior photographer, but for her I made and exception. Here is the whole session.

senior picture

3. Birth Photography – Birth is truly an AMAZING thing. I can’t in words describe it. Maybe that is why I enjoy photographing it so much. Every birth I photograph is so different from the last. Even though they are all different they are all leave me in awe of the human body. Each birth I photograph leaves me wanting to photograph another one. In 2016 I photographed two births. But I love it so much that I’ve already got 4 on the books for 2017 and I’m excited to get a few more (but not too many!) on the books. I just LOVE births. <3 So let me know if you are looking for an Indianapolis birth photographer.

birth photography

2. Photographing my Sister’s Engagement – One cool thing about being a photographer is being able to capture special moments in the lives of your loved ones. It was a joy to be able to photograph my sister’s engagement pictures. My sister and her fiance are both beautiful people both inside and out and I hope she feels that when she looks through her pictures. I couldn’t be more excited to attend their wedding (don’t worry, I won’t be photographing it) as my sister’s maid of honor this Fall.

Indianapolis Engagement Photographer

1. Photographing My Own Newborn – Hands down, the biggest and most exciting event in 2016 (and maybe my whole life) was welcoming my own little one into the world. I just love this little dude to pieces. I was so excited to do my own newborn pictures. However, I’m going to have to say that photographing your own newborn is way harder then photographing someone else’s’ baby. But I’m so glad I was able to capture this time in my little guy’s life.

Welcome to the world, baby


I couldn’t have done any of these things without the help of all of my WONDERFUL clients. I can’t say thank you enough for supporting my small business and allowing me to capture all these phases of your lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!





Jack Landon – A Very Special Indianapolis Newborn Session

This is a VERY special newborn session because this session is of my little guy. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy getting pictures of Jack. I was sleep deprived and not fully healed and I was learning how to be a mom. That being said, I knew I wanted to take my own in-studio newborn pictures. These pictures were taken over a series of 5 or 6 days. In the moment, it was hard to get the time and energy to take these images. In retrospect, I’m SOOO glad I did it even though it wasn’t easy! I’ll cherish these images for a lifetime and they mean even more to me since I took them. Don’t worry… I also hired a photographer to take some pictures too. I knew I wanted to be in some of the images. But the images in this blog post are just the ones that I took. I hope you enjoy meeting Mr. Jack. I’m sure there will be a lot more pictures of our little one to come.

newborn baby with stars - star themed newborn announcement idea


smiling newborn boy with starsbaby fingers  sleeping newborn in wrap

This image wasn’t planned. I was taking pictures of Jack alone and Rosie decided she wanted to be in the pictures too. It ended up being one of my favorite images. labradoodle and newborn baby

I’m in love with this little guy in every way (seriously, I couldn’t imagine I could love him any more). I especially love his long fingers and toes, his adorably pink lips, his luscious eye lashes and full head of hair!!

newborn baby features in black and white

This session wouldn’t have been complete without at least one Butler related images. If you knew my husband and his family you would know that this image was completely necessary… Butler University newborn photography pictures - Butler Basketball included mini labradoodle and baby in a basket Butler basket ball, newborn baby, and labradoodle puppy - it doesn't get more prefect

Our mini labradoodle pup (Rosie) isn’t normally allowed in the the studio. However for this extra special newborn session we made and exception and she made herself at home!

dog in the newborn photography studiobaby in a basket in black and white

Indianapolis newborn baby boy pictures

sleeping newborn boy simple newborn photography sleeping little guy all propped up mini labradoodle and newborn baby - puppy and baby - so cute!

I went outside 3 different nights in order to get this image. Jack’s witching hour seemed to be right around sunset every night. But I’m persistent and we made it happen!outdoor newborn picture - baby in a basket at sunset

Jack is VERY expressive. He will let you know what he thinks about everything. These pictures all took place over the course of less then 5 minutes.

Indianapolis newborn photographer

I hope you enjoyed meeting out little Jack!

I’ll be back from maternity leave on July 10th (very soon – maybe too soon). So if you are expecting and looking for an Indianapolis newborn photographer I would love to get your due date on my calendar.






Professional Gear of a Newborn & Wedding Photographer: What’s in my camera bag?

professional photography gear in camera bagI get asked often about my equipment and what I shoot with. So here it goes. Here is all the professional level gear in my camera bag.

Camera Gear

  • Canon 5d Mark III – This is my camera body that makes the magic happen and I love it!
  • Canon 5d Mark II – This is my back-up body because you never know what will happen.
  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L – This is great for newborns and when I want a really shallow depth of field (ie fuzzy backgrounds). I like this lens and I won’t be getting rid of it any time soon but I don’t love it. I know a lot of photographers swear by prime lenses, but I’m not one of them. In case you don’t know, a prime lens is one that has a solid piece of glass in it. So it doesn’t zoom but you can get a sharper image because there is only one piece of glass.
  • Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L – This is my work horse. If something happened to this guy I would have to replace it IMMEDIATELY. I get nice clean sharp images (even in low light) and it allows me to zoom without moving my feet. For me zoom is super important during weddings and while shooting active kiddos.
  • Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS – This lens is amazing. It produces super sharp images with the most beautiful bokeh (blurry backgrounds) out there. I prefer this lens during the wedding ceremony and I always try to grab a couple portraits with this lens as well.
  • Canon EF 100mm F2.8 L IS USM Macro – This is another prime lens. This lens is a macro lens which means it is great for capturing small details like baby features and wedding rings. I use this lens every shoot for detail shots.
  • Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT – I have two of these. I prefer natural light however flash is a necessary evil. These guys suite me just fine. The neat thing about these flashes is that they have wireless radio transmission which means that they “talk” to each other and my camera. This allows me to do things like backlighting.
  • Canon 580EX II – This is my back-up flash.
  • Black Rapid Straps – These straps are not the most fashionable straps, but they sure are practical! They allow me to easily use both my hands on anything (think posing a newborn baby) and then still have easy access to my camera. The straps are also great when I’m shooting weddings as it allows me to easily hold two cameras at once (which means two lenses). They are also super comfortable for those long days of carrying around heavy equipment.

As you can probably tell, I take great pride in investing in professional level camera gear. I don’t own every lens and gadget under the sun. However the equipment that I do own is top of the line and works for exactly what I need it for.

Fun Stuff – I always keep a few fun things in my bag.

  • Chalk Boards and Chalk – Yes, I have more than one chalk board in my bag. You never know when they will come in handy. These are fun for any type of session engagements, kids, families, etc.
  • Scrabble pieces – they are so much fun! It doesn’t matter if it is a wedding, family shoot, or what.
  • Elmo – Elmo sits on my lens and the kids love him.
  • Finger puppets – You can take pictures and wear them at the same time and kids love them!
  • Kiddo treats – most of the time I keep Teady Grams in my bag, but sometimes kids get lucky and will find gummy bears. I’m not above bribing.
  • Rechargeable Batteries – I have LOTS of rechargeable batteries in my bag. If you haven’t heard of Eneloop rechargeable batteries then you need to check them out. They are affordable and work fantastically!

I can’t talk about what is in my camera bag without talking about the camera bag itself, because I LOVE my camera bag! I’ve got the JuJu bag by Kelly Moore. It is cute, functional, and holds EVERYTHING I need for a session. It weighs a ton, but it makes every session into a good workout.

15 Highlights from KristeenMarie Photography in 2015 – Indianapolis Photography

I’m going to have to say, 2015 was a fantastic year! I had the opportunity to meet lots of new clients and I was able to continue to photograph and build relationships with many previous clients. Total in 2015 I photographed 206 sessions! That is crazy (good crazy). A huge thank you to all my clients for your support and for allowing me to capture these important times in your lives. You guys rock!

So without further ado, here are my top highlights for 2015!

15. 35 Milestone Sessions  – It’s no secret that I love to photograph newborns. However, I also love watching my newborn clients grow over their first year of life! Offering “grow with me packages” (3-5 sessions throughout baby’s first year) allows me to be able to build a relationship with my clients throughout their little one’s first year. Babies change so much during year one and every baby is different. These sessions keep me on my toes and it keeps me in touch with the developments of so many cuties! Look at all these adorable faces:

Indianapolis child photographer

14. Two In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Sessions – I clearly don’t do a ton of these sessions. However when I do them, they are always very personal to the client since I’m doing them in the client’s home. When I do these types of sessions I don’t bring props or external lighting. I just use whatever I find around the client’s home. It’s always a fun challenge when I arrive at a new home. In 2016 I hope to do more of these. I’m offering them as a half price session add-on when you book an in-studio newborn session with me. The great thing about the in-home newborn session is that they don’t have to be done within the first 10 days of baby’s life (unlike the in-studio newborn sessions).

in-home newborn photography in Indianapolis

13. Eleven Engagement Sessions – No two engagement sessions are ever the same. It doesn’t matter if the couples choose the same location because each couple has their own love story that is uniquely theirs. I try to capture this for them during their session. I really enjoyed getting to know all 11 couples over the last year and helping them tell their love story with Indianapolis engagement photography!

Indianapolis engagement photography

12. Eleven Stunning Expecting Mothers – Pregnancy is a very emotional time in a mother’s life. The 9 months goes by so quickly! Capturing this time in these beautiful mother’s lives is so rewarding. Pregnancy is beautiful and so are each and every one of these expecting mothers!

Indianapolis maternity photographer

11. Two Proposals – I’ve photographed a few dozen proposals at this point and I still get super nervous before every session! I only get one shot to capture this very special and emotional time in these couple’s lives!! These two recently engaged couples did not disappoint. They were both very sweet moments and a huge kudos to these guys for thinking ahead to hire a photographer to capture this once in a lifetime moment!!

Indianapolis proposal Photographer

10. One Puppy Cake Smash – I did my first puppy cake smash a little over a year ago when my fur baby (Rosie the mini labradoodle) turned one. So when Rosie’s cousin turned one it was only fitting that she have a cake smash session too! Let’s be clear, I don’t do these for clients. However, it’s fun to do them for the fur babies in my life! Meet Willa the bulldog and her cousin Rosie.

Puppy cake smash session

9. 45 Family Sessions – That is a lot of families! The thing I love most about all theses families is that most of them I’ve been photographing for a least two or more years. I do love meeting new clients, but even more then that I love building relationships with previous clients and being able to watch their families move from one stage of life to the next!

Indianapolis Family Photographer

8. Three Fresh 48 Sessions – I offer Fresh 48 sessions in Indianapolis. If you haven’t heard of this type of session before, it’s ok. It’s a newer type of session. Basically I come to your hospital room within 48 hours of you having your baby. This allows me to capture those very raw and emotional first moments of your baby’s life. These sessions are so real and emotional for everyone and I would love to do more of them in 2016. So I’m going to be offering them as a half price add-on to any in-studio newborn session or grow with me package. Let me know if this is something you are interested in for 2016.

in-hospital fresh 48 photography in Indianapolis

7. Thirty Messy Cake Smashes – Cake smash sessions are always the icing on the cake (pun intended) to my grow with me packages. When the little ones turn one we give them a cake, a custom designed backdrop and let them have some fun! It’s always a good time to see each child’s reaction.

1st birthday photography in Indianapolis - cake smash session

6. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep – All of the clients I’ve met though NILMDTS have a special place it my heart. I’ve continued to volunteer with this amazing organization in 2015 and I plan to do so again in 2016. You can read more about my work with NILMDTS here. Please note that I didn’t take the image below. For privacy reasons I’m unable to share the images that I take for these clients.

NILMDTS Indianapolis

5. New Studio – To say I’m excited about my new studio is an understatement! It’s twice as big as my old studio and it’s the prefect space for me. I still haven’t gotten around to taking pictures of the space but I do have some fun pull back shots below that show the studio in use. Don’t mind my mess… being creative is a messy job. 🙂

Carmel Indiana Photography Studio

4. Sixteen Memorable Weddings – Each and every couple whose wedding I photograph is memorable. I’m always incredibly honored to photograph this momentous day for couples!  I can’t thank each bride enough for choosing me to be their Indianapolis wedding photographer.

Indianapolis Wedding Photography

3. Sixty Seven Beautiful Newborn Babies – I love everything about newborns. I love how they are all different and yet they are all perfect. It’s been so rewarding to photograph each and every one of these tiny little babies. I can’t wait to continue to watch most of these little ones grow over the next year as many of them are grow with me session clients!! Thank you for choosing me as your Indianapolis newborn photographer!

Indianapolis newborn photographer

2. My First Birth Session – I know, birth photography isn’t for everyone. However, let me tell you that this birth session was an incredible experience for me to be able to capture. I’ve never seen anything so awe inspiring in my life! This birth session really got me excited about births and it makes me want to shoot more. So if you are expecting in July 2016 or later be sure to reach out let me know. I would love to be able to capture your birth for you. Please know that I’ll only be accepting a VERY limited number of births in 2016.


1. I’m Expecting! – I know, this isn’t business related exactly. However it will have big impacts on the business in 2016. I’ll be on maternity leave from April 1 – July 5th. So far my clients have all be EXTREMELY supportive and excited for me about our new family addition. I can’t thank you all enough for your support, kind words, and encouragement. You guys rock and I look forward to photographing your family again when I get back from leave in July.

baby pregnancy announcement with dog - we are expecting

Thank you again to all my wonderful clients in 2015! I truly appreciate you choosing KristeenMarie Photography as your Indianapolis photographer. I look forward to meeting even more new clients in 2016. Be sure to reach out and let me know if you are interested in booking a session.

Bulldog Cake Smash Session – Willa is One

Meet Willa the Bulldog. This little girl is my brother-in-law’s pup. She got the special pup treatment for her 1st birthday. We celebrated in style with a dog cake smash session just like we did with her cousin Rosie a few months back.

After Willa had enough cake (according to our judgement, not her’s) we let her cousin Rosie join in on the birthday cake. My favorite pictures is the one where Willa is giving Rosie the stare down after she joins.

Willa the BulldogBulldog dog's 1st birthday cake How to celebrate a bulldog's 1st birthday bulldog eating birthday cake on first birthday Bulldog birthday bulldog scarfing down a birthday cake  bulldog stairdownbulldog licking his chops bulldog and labradoodle eat cake

What a couple of cuties!

Happy 1st Birthday, Willa.

Rosie the Labradoodle using Fisheye Lens – ATS Rental Review

I recently rented a fun new lens from ATS Rentals. The lens that I rented was the Canon 8-15mm f/fL Fisheye. So I took the lens with me to the park with my girl Rosie. You can see the lens in action with our Miniature Labradoodle and my handsome husband.

australian labradoodle Rosie and Drew labradoodle under a tree at sunset   puppy using fisheye lens puppy noseminiture australian labradoodle puppy


As you can probably tell, I had lots of fun messing around with this lens! I had it for a week so I was also able to use it for a wedding, cake smash session, newborn session, and a Fresh 48 session. Stay tuned for those pictures. See if you can spot which images I took using this lens in upcoming blog posts!

I’m glad that I rented the lens and didn’t purchase it outright as I think I’m going to end up purchasing a different (but still a fisyeye) lens. I do also have to give a shout out to ATS Rentals for the awesome rental experience. They were super easy to work with, answered all my questions, offered affordable rates, and just went above and beyond! They sent me everything I needed to return the lens including the tape to reseal the box. They really try to do everything possible to make a great user experience. If you are in the market for a lens (or camera) rental I encourage you to check them out. Their prices and customer service can’t be beat!

Alright… I’ll get off my soap box. I hope Rosie girl brought a smile to your face!

15 Highlights from KristeenMarie Photography in 2014

2014 has been a fantastic year. It’s been a little crazy, but in a good way. I was busier then ever, met tons of new clients, and this happened all during a year when I was making making major life changes (I got married!). In total I photographed 179 sessions. What a great year!

A huge thank you to all my clients. You guys have trusted me to capture your lives. I’ve enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you. From the bottom of my heart – Thank You.

Here are a few highlights from the year:

15. Outdoor Newborn Sessions – I started offering outdoor newborn sessions. There are only a few months in the summer where these actually work. However the two outdoor newborn session that I did this year were amazing! I hope to get a few more of these on the books for next year.

Outdoor Newborn Photographer in Indianapolis, IN

14. Cake Smashes: In 2014 I did 22 cake smash sessions to celebrate all of these little one’s first birthdays. I love that each session is very different and has it’s own theme.

 1st Birthday Cake Smash Photography

13. A Very Special Cake Smash: Speaking of cake smash sessions… I did one very special cake smash session for my baby. My pup (Rosie) turned one so I thought it was only fitting for her to have her very own cake smash session.

Cake Smash Session with Puppy

12. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep – I’ve continued donating my time and working with NILMDTS. This is an amazing organization that does bereavement photography at Indianapolis hospitals. For privacy reasons I’m unable to share pictures from these sessions. You can read more about my experience with this organization here.

11. Famous Clients – This past year I’ve had the pleasure of working with two famous clients. One was a Colts payer – Jim Sorgi (his kids are pictured in the bottom image below) – and the other a local radio host – Dave Smiley from the Smiley Morning Show (his child is pictured in the top image below). In both cases I photographed these people’s newborns. So fun!

Famous clients in Indianapolis, IN

10. BOA Grand Nationals: When I was in high school I was in the color-guard. So being able to come back and photograph the BOA Grand Nationals was kind of a big deal. It was a very fun experience.

BOA Competition

9. Engagement Sessions: 14 lovely couples had me photograph their engagements in 2014. So much love!

Engagement Photographer

8. Proposals: Not only do I photograph engagement sessions, but sometimes I get lucky enough to be able to photograph the actual proposals. This year two awesome guys contacted me to capture their proposals. These were both perfect Indianapolis proposals.


7. Weddings: 2014 was a great year for weddings. 13 awesome couples trusted me to capture their wedding day. I just love being an Indianapolis wedding photographer. There are so many great couples out there!


6. Same-Sex Wedding: In 2014 I had my first same-sex wedding. It was beyond perfect.

Same Sex Wedding in Indianapolis, IN

5. Children and Families: This year I got to meet lots of new families and catch up with some old ones. Total this year I had 26 family and 14 milestone sessions. Some families chose to do outdoor family sessions while others did in-home lifestyle session.

With so many newborns in the studio it’s only fitting that I capture many of them as they grow throughout their first year. This year 14 little ones came into the studio for milestone sessions. Being an Indianapolis child photographer is so rewarding. I just love watching these little ones grow though their first year and beyond.

Family Photography in Indianapolis, INMilestone Sessions

4. Maternity Sessions: Baby bumps are just so adorable! 7 expected mothers allowed me to photograph them for their maternity sessions in 2014.

Maternity Photography


3. Press and Awards: The goal of every session is to capture each child, family, or couple as they are – to make beautiful artwork that the client will cherish. The goal going into each session is not to get the pictures published. However, when it happens and other people love the picture enough to publish them it sure is fun. This past year 13 sessions were published by other publications.

KristeenMarie Photography was also nominated as one of the top wedding and portrait photographers in Indianapolis by the Indy A-List. We are excited to have ranked as one of top 10 portrait photographer in Indy for 2014!

Indianapolis Photographer KristeenMaire wins awards and publications


2. In-Home Holiday Mini Sessions: I tried something new this year… In-Home Holiday Mini Sessions. I went to a number of my client’s homes to take pictures for their holiday cards. Clients seemed to love this and the sessions included some beautifully designed cards.

In-Home Holiday Mini Sessions

1. Newborns, newborn, and more newborns: It’s no secret. I LOVE photographing newborns. In 2014 I had the sheer joy of photographing 52 adorable little newborn babies in my studio.

Indianapolis Newborn Photography by KristeenMarie Photography


Bonus: Non-Business related, in 2014 I also had the joy of marring the man of my dreams. I got to experience a wedding on the other side of the camera.

 View More:

2014 was a fantastic year and I hope that 2015 is even better! A huge thank you to all my clients both old and new for being a part of this great year.

If you are looking for an Indianapolis photographer in 2015 let me know! I would love to meet you.

A Secret Session of Willa the Baby Bulldog – Indianapolis Photography by KristeenMarie

Meet Willa. Willa is Rosie’s (my pup) newest cousin. This adorable little pup belongs to my brother-in-law and his girlfriend.

It took everything in me not to share these pictures sooner. Who wouldn’t want to share this sweet face?! A few months ago my mother-in-law was watching this pup for the weekend. So I snatched her up for a quick photo session. Then for Christmas I was able to give these lovely pictures to Willa’s parents. It was perfect and I’m glad I was able to keep the secret. But now I’m even more excited to share the pictures! So enjoy sweet Willa as a pup.

Bulldog puppy pictures The many faces of a bulldog puppy Indianapolis pet photography Willa

Of course this session wouldn’t have been complete without a pictures of Rosie and Willa.

However Willa thinks Rosie’s ears are the best chew toy ever. So neither of the pups were very excited about group pictures. We may have to wait until they are a little older for this one.

Willa and Rosie   Bulldog picture in black and whitepuppy feetIndianapolis pet photographer

I’m always posting pictures of both these pups on Instagram. If you don’t follow me, you should! Check me out at @KristeenMarie

I don’t do much pet photography typically, but if you are looking for an Indianapolis photographer be sure to reach out and let me know!

A Personal Update – Pictures from the Wedding and Honeymoon

August and September were big months for me. I got married and went on a lovely honeymoon. I could go into detail to tell you about how I married the man of my dreams, had a perfect wedding (no really I wouldn’t change a thing if I could), and then flew off to Rome, Florence, Switzerland, and London for a romantic and fun filled honeymoon. However, I prefer pictures over words so I’ll let those do the talking.

Here are a few pictures from the wedding. Note – I obviously did NOT take these pictures.  A huge thank you to our photographer LinneaLiz Photography.




The honeymoon.

To start… we ate a lot of food and drank a lot of wine.





2014-10-17_0040 2014-10-17_0041

When you asked for tea in Italy they gave you bottled tea. That isn’t tea in my book. So to get my caffeine I resorted to chugging espresso. It did the trick.


Switzerland…. It was really this beautiful.

2014-10-17_0045 2014-10-17_0044  2014-10-17_00432014-10-17_0053 2014-10-17_0054  2014-10-17_00552014-10-17_0056

We found a fun bar in Switzerland that we went to every night we were there…


Yes, we skyped with our Rosie girl while we were gone!


The view from our hotel room…





2014-10-17_0047 2014-10-17_0048 2014-10-17_0049      2014-10-17_0050

Good times!