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Congrats on a successful photo session! You have some lovely images and now it’s time to show them off. Here are some recommendations on how to do that. 

Printing Recommendations 

Paper Prints

If you are seeking to order standard-sized paper prints, it is strongly advised to use the services of a reputable professional printing establishment. In contrast, consumer printers commonly such as Costco, Walmart, Walgreens, Snapfish, and Shutterfly, should not be regarded as suitable options. There is a discernible difference in quality when using a reputable printer. 
Here are two printers that I recommend:

Online Gallery Printing: The easiest way to have paper prints done is to use your online gallery. This is the gallery that was sent to you to receive your images. Just click the “Shop Now” button in the top right corner of your gallery to have prints made. The shop also allows you to create custom birth announcements, thank you cards and Christmas cards. If you are looking for another option, I also highly recommend This is a printing company that prides themselves on high quality professional level printing. They also offer canvases, cards, and framed prints if you are looking for a DIY option. 

If you have never used before use this referral link for $10 off your first purchase. 

Backup Your Files

Before you do anything, be sure to download your images from your online gallery and save them someplace safe. This is best done on a computer as your phone will compress the images and is not a good long term storage option. I will keep your files for a year, but after that it’s your responsibility to keep them safe. 

One of my favorite products is the professional quality heirloom albums with luscious thick pages. All albums, regardless of size, have 20 pages. The only exception is the Grandparent album which will have 16 pages. There is no set number of images per album. The number of images depends on the album design. 

To get started just shoot me an email and let me know what size album you are most interested in. Then I'll have my designer mock an album up for you. You get to approve or change it anyway you like. 

Heirloom Albums

12''x12'' Coffee Table Album (leather) -  $675
10''x10'' Deluxe Parent Album (leather) -  $510
8''x8'' Parent Album - $255
6''x6'' Grandparent Album - $195

Cost and sizes

look and see

Canvas Prints

Canvases are a great way to print images. They look polished and are ready to hang without the fuss of having to frame it. You have two options for canvas prints DIY or having me print them for you. 

Let me do it for you: I love helping clients create custom canvas prints. The printer I use is top notch and only works with professional photographers directly. Just let me know what image you want printed and I’ll create a mock-up canvas for you. If the image needs to be resized or stretched to fit your canvas I’ll also take care of the additional editing. You can download the pricing sheet here

DIY Option: If you want to order your own canvas print (it’s likely a little cheaper this way) I highly recommend If possible, please avoid discount printers or big box stores for quality prints.

This ready to hang product features a specially designed mount frame that allows your photography to float off of the wall, and its superb image quality is a natural conversation starter.

Ready to get started? Shoot me an email and I'll get your mock-up going for you. 

Acrylic Prints

11''x14'' - $105
12''x12'' - $105
10''x20'' - $126
12''x18'' - $138

16''x20'' - $159
12''x36'' - $240
20''x30'' - $288
24''x36'' - $384

Cost and sizes

Wood Prints

These wood prints are a work of art themselves. So your photographs can maintain their high quality, images are printed and then adhered to the wood block (instead of being printed directly on the wood). They are then covered with a protective layer for water and light resistance.  Each block is created to stand the test of time. The protection layer adds a unique look and the subtle charm of a painted piece.

These works of art are hand made in Europe. These are not quick production prices and will take some time to be produced and shipped. Please be patient when ordering these products. But they are well worth the wait! 

This is just a small sampling of what can be done with these wood prints. Email me and request the whole product catalogue. 

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