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The Tomanski Family – Indianapolis Family Photography

Meet the Tomanski family. They couldn’t have been sweeter. It’s clear that their little birthday girl has these parents wrapped around her finger. The birthday girl has the most beautiful blue eyes! They are so blue that you can see how stunning they are even when the image is done in black and white. These guys were a joy to photograph and the outdoor 1st birthday cake smash was a pretty sweet ending to their sunset session. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

walking alongIndianapolis family photography The birthday girl outside black and whtie birthday girl - Indy family picture family pictures at sunset in Indianapolis, IN  little girl and her parents in a field The birthday girl at sunset - Indianapolis child photography lovely little girl 1st birthday cake smash outside at sunset - pink and gold with pearls happy 1st birthday with a pink cake smash

Happy 1st birthday, little lady!

If you are looking for an Indianapolis family photographer be sure to reach out. I would love to photograph your little one and your whole family.


The Smith’s Sunrise Family Session in Carmel, Indana

Say Hello to the Smith family.  I have been photographing this family for a few years since baby #2, Anna, was born.  This was a beautiful sunrise session.  It was early, but these pictures turned out fantastic and the whole family was in a great mood! You would have never known we beat the sun to the park.  The siblings got along so well- it was adorable to watch.

the whole family with water, tree, and the sunrisesunrise family photography session - lovely light!   sunset family photography   little girl dancing/ little girl photoshoot/ fall photo with little girl family photo shoot collage/ family photography pinterest/ outdoor family photosbrothers and sisters/ sibling photo idea

Thanks for waking up early and coming to let me take your family pictures.  It was so great to be able to spend time with you guys again!

If you are looking for a Carmel Indiana Family Photographer, please feel free to send me a message.  The fall is the busiest time for outdoor shoots, so don’t delay!



2017 Indianapolis & Carmel, Indiana Fall Mini Session – KristeenMarie Photography

Careml, Indiana Fall Mini Sessions

It’s that time of year again! Below is the info on Fall Mini Sessions. Once the dates are booked up I won’t be adding more spots. Please book your sessions soon if you would like to do a mini session this year.

Session includes:

  •     20 minutes of shooting time
  •     At least 15 digital files delivered via online gallery
  •     Pets are invited to participate in the session
  •     Limit of 5 total people and pets
  •     Cost is $300 – $50 discount for past clients
  •     Sessions not recommended for families with multiple young children or extended families

Session Dates:

October 3rd – Sunset Session in Indianapolis
5:25 – 5:55 – 6:25 – 6:55 pm

October 22nd – Sunrise Session in Carmel
8:00 – 8:30 – 9:00 9:3010:00 am

October 30th – Sunset session in Indianapolis

4:15  – 4:45 5:15 – 5:45  6:15 pm

Nov 4th -Sunrise session in Carmel

8:20 – 8:50 9:20 – 9:50 – 10:20

November 7th – Sunset session in Carmel
3:30 – 4:00 4:30 – 5:00 pm

To book your session just shoot me an email!

Fall family photographyIndianapolis Fall Mini Sessions







A Sunset and Tall Grass – Carmel Indiana Family Photography

I’ve had the joy of photographing this family for a few years now. It’s always great to see them. Photographing families with older kids is a lot of fun. They have lots of personality but take direction better then your average 2 year old. 🙂

wonderful familythe whole family the girls - sisters lots of light in a friend - family pictures with older kids  Carmel Indianian family pictures family pictures at boardwalk the whole family pictures sunset family photography - great pictures to take at sunset in a field Carmel family photographer

If you are looking for a family photographer in Carmel, Indiana be sure to let me know. I would love to photograph your family.

Best Places to Shop for Clothing for Your Family Pictures

where to shop for clothing for photography sessionYou may have seen my recent post on tips to look your best for your outdoor photography session. This is kind of a continuation of that post. This list of stores will help you out when shopping for any type of outdoor photography session – engagement, maternity, or family photography sessions.

I’m by no means an expert on this topic, but here are my recommendations. These are places I like to shop and that my clients have purchased clothing from. When purchasing outfits for you session be sure to try to follow the guidelines I’ve outlined in my previous what to wear for family pictures post.

Zara – This is my favorite place for little boy clothes. They have great suspender pants and adorable neutral toned clothes. They also have cute little girl clothes too. Seriously everything is cute.

H&M – Great shop for kids and dad. You can get all the staples here and a items with a little flair (like the adorable boys pants with built in suspenders – seriously adorable!). Their clothes run big so be sure to size down for pictures.

Madewell – Women’s clothing beautifully made. These are clothes you invest in, but they will last you. Some of my favorite wardrobe staples/favorites are from here.

Blush Fashion Street Couture – If you want to dress your session up a bit here are some great options for women. I love the tulle skirts (I bought one from here for my maternity session), sequence shirts/dresses, and maxi dresses.

Boden – You can dress the whole family in Boden (but it’s a bit expensive) but the kids stuff is especially cute. Be sure the check the clearance section for dresses for mom.

Zulily – Keep you eye on Zulily for boutique clothing at discounted prices.

Rue LaLa – Designer clothes at discounted prices. Do a search for maxi dress and you can find lots of options women. Maxi dress look great all women.

Gap and Gap Kids  – Great for the basics, but be careful. Be sure to follow my tips on clothing and avoid anything that is neon or has logos or characters on it.

Tutudumonde – The dresses here are for little girls. They are to die for. However they are very pricey.

Anthropologie – This is a great place to shop for women. They have some visually interesting clothing with great textures. Be sure to check the sales section as it can by pricey.

Dottie Couture – This is a little boutique in Indy. So you can go there an try things on (or just buy online). They have lots of adorable outfits for women.

Joyfolie – So much beautiful stuff here for girls and women. Be sure to check out the shoes too!

Borrowed Boutique – Did you know you can rent designer kids clothing for a fraction of the cost of buying it?! The best part is that the rental boutique is right here in Indy (Fishers) so you don’t even have to pay shipping costs. If this is the route you want to go let me know as I have a small discount you can use. The have clothes for boys and girls. The little girls dresses are to die for!!

Rent the Runway – This is similar to Borrowed Boutique, but Rent the Runway is for women (not kids). If you want a designer dress without the designer price tag you can always rent a dress for your session. This is a tad risky since you won’t be able to try it on. However, the risk could pay off big! Twice a year Rent the Runway sells their used dresses. You can get some stunning dresses at a great price. Even though the dresses are used they are still in great condition.

The Zionsville Flower Company –  If you are looking for fresh flowers for your hair or a flower halo/crown be sure to call the Zionsville Flower Company. They offer crowns and hair pieces. Fresh flowers add a lovely whimsical feel to a photo session! The average cost for a flower crown is $42. However, contact them directly for more info and pricing.

Is there somewhere you like to shop for your outdoor photography session that didn’t make this list? Leave a comment below and let me know!


10 Tips to Looking Your Best at Your Photography Outdoor Session – Tips on what to wear for your family, engagement or maternity pictures

Clients often ask me what they should wear for their outdoor session. It’s hard to give them an answer that will easily fit in an email. So I decided to write a whole post about my recommendations for outfits for outdoor photography session. The 10 points below address clothing. However, if you look at the bottom of the post I have some suggestions on make-up and some tips specifically for maternity sessions. Also, if you are looking for recommendations on where to shop for clothing for your photo shoot you can find a whole separate post on that here.  So if you are interested in either topic be sure to keep scrolling to the end of the post. what to wear for your outdoor photo session

  1. Coordinate outfits – Choose colors that work well together, but that aren’t the same. You can even mix and match prints with solids. The key is to make sure that the colors you are working with go well together. If you are unsure what colors to wear consider choosing a color pallet that would look good in your home. Everyone’s preference is different, but I personally like grey, tan/cream, blush and whites together. I also really like mixing blue into that same palette.

    outfit ideas for family photography
  2. Don’t put everyone in the same outfit. It’s best not to put everyone in the same outfit (think white shirt and blue jeans). Instead put everyone in different shades of blue and the same color or complementing color. The more shades of the same color you add the more visually interesting the wardrobe will become. This rule goes for twins too. Twins can be dressed in matching outfits without them being exactly the same.
  3. Avoid neon colors – Neon colors can change skin tones and don’t look flattering in images. It’s best to avoid neon colors in all attire.what to wear for maternity session - Indianapolis maternity photography
  4. Think layers and textures – Layers and textures add visual interest to images. Layers can be added by adding a sweater, scarves, vest, suspenders, etc. Textures can be added by choosing an outfit with textures, jewelry, lace, flowers to the hair, belts, fun tights etc.child photography outfits - great idea for outfit
  5. Wear clothing that fits well – This is especially true for children’s clothes. It’s very tempting to buy clothing that children will grow into. However clothing should fit well/snug. You should even consider sizing down in clothing sizes. If clothing is baggy, they will look baggy and unkempt in the pictures. Large clothing also does not flatter your figure. It’s also important to try your clothing on before the day of your shoot.
    love these outfits - neutral tones
  6. Make sure you feel good – It’s okay to go a little out of your comfort zone when choosing clothing for your family pictures. However, the clothing should reflect you and your family’s sense of style. You want to look like you in the pictures and that won’t be the case if you choose something that you would never wear again. Choose something that flatters your body and that makes you feel good. This is especially important for the adults. You should wear something you feel good in. You can even start with your favorite outfit/dress and then work everyone else’s outfit around your attire.
    family outfits for outdoor photography session
  7. Feet – Don’t forget your shoes and socks. You will likely be doing some walking during your shoot so it’s important to choose shoes you can walk in. However, it’s also important to make sure your shoes look nice. Wedges are a great look for women and you don’t have worry about them getting stuck in the grass. Your child shouldn’t be in Mickey sneakers, Crocs, or neon colored shoes. No one should show up to the session in sneakers. If you have shoes that require socks make sure that your socks are appropriate as they may show when you sit on the ground. Know that during the summer months it’s completely acceptable to do some bare feet shots!
    outdoor family photography - how to pick your outfits - Indianapolis family photographer
  8. A few things to avoid – Avoid anything with visible logos. This tends to be distracting and dates the images quickly. Don’t get a haircut the week before the session to avoid that freshly cut look. Don’t have everyone wear the same outfit/color. Don’t wear your Fitbit or other large watch that doesn’t complete your look. Don’t try outfits on for the first time the day of your shoot.
    what to wear for engagement pictures - cute but casual
  9. Consider your backdrop – If your shoot is in Spring in a green field of grass then you probably want to avoid also wearing green. Keep your backdrop in mind when choosing outfits.
  10. Be flexible and comfortable – The day of your shoot something is bound to go wrong. It’s okay – that’s life! Make sure your kids aren’t in clothes that will make them want to get undressed before they even get to the shooting location. Also make sure your outfits are weather appropriate. If you or your kids are too hot or cold during the session it will be visible in the images. It also wouldn’t hurt to give yourself more time then you think you need to get ready… Just in case you need a quick Target run for that one thing you forgot about.

The above tips are about clothing for your session. But your make-up is just as important!
Here are a few tips to help you with your makeup on picture day…

  • It’s okay (and encouraged) to use makeup for your session. I recommend using slightly more then you wear on a daily basis. If you don’t normally wear make-up consider having someone do your makeup for you. You can have this done rather inexpensively at somewhere like a department store beauty counter, the MAC store, or Ulta Beauty. If you are looking for someone to come to your home to hair/make-up let me know as I have a great stylist who will come to your home to do this (Her name is Katie and she is fantastic. I have her do my hair and makeup before any family shoot we do! She also helped me put together this section of the blog post – thanks Katie!).
  • You may want to consider adding naturally looking false lashes (so not huge chunky false lashes). They can make all the difference is naturally enhancing your look. My favorite false lashes are the Ardell 110 Naturals. They are available at most drug stores, are easy to apply, and are very inexpensive (around $5.) They add a bit of length and lots of fullness without looking like you’re wearing falsies.
  • Your foundation and eye shadows should not have shimmer or glitter. These pigments reflect light and don’t translate well in photos. This includes glitter, shiny powers, or lotions/fondations with an SPF in it.  Mattes are the way to go!
  • Remember to highlight your eyes and cheeks! This will add dimension and will keep your face from looking too “flat.”
  • You will be photographed from many different angles. Be sure that your foundation blends well on your neck/chin line.

Bonus: A few tips specifically for a maternity session

For maternity sessions the goal is to show off that baby bump. So be sure to to wear something that flatters the bump. Maxi dresses tend to look great. If you are wearing a dress or shirt that isn’t form fitting consider adding a belt to the outfit above the belly. Don’t wear black as it’s a slimming color. Try not to wear sold white as it’s hard to see definition in white. All the other rules above still apply! 🙂

Double Bonus: If you are looking for some shopping inspiration I’ve also written my recommendations on where to shop for your shoot. I hope you will find that helpful too!

highlgiht your baby bump wiht what you wearbeautiful outfit for maternity session

fall outfits for family photography session with the leaves falling

what to wear for outdoor family pictures







A Day on the Farm – Indianapolis Family Photography

This session was bittersweet. These guys are long time clients. I’ve been photographing them since they baby was in mom’s belly. They had an epic maternity session on the from with their horse! This time the clients had me come to their home (which is stunning) to get some pictures before they move. I was overjoyed to come to their home to take these pictures, but I’m so sad to see them move.

I’m super late at blogging this session. The pictures were taken right in the middle of my busy season. But I had to come back and blog it because it’s one of my favorite sessions from the whole year. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!! I’m going to apologize in advance because this is a long post.

sunset silhouette with boy on tractor - beautiful!!


A day on the farm - family photography  family picture with dog puppy hugs! happy baby sitting on the front porch  handsome boy their home beautiful outdoor sunset pictures with boy in waggonIndianapolis family photography tractor on farm - boy on the farm pictures boy on tractor  boy driving tractor mom and dad infront of home laughter is beautiful

If you are looking for an Indianapolis family photographer be sure to reach out and let me know. I would love to photograph your family!



Sunrise Session – Indianapolis Fall Family Photography

I love our Indianapolis, Indiana Falls! This year has been especially beautiful and warm. It’s November and I haven’t had to wear my winter jacket to a shoot yet!

This adorable family came out for a sunrise session which was beyond perfect. This time of year, all the great parks are full of photographers at sunset. However, there aren’t as many people willing to wake up with the sun for pictures. But if you do, you get the whole park to yourself (minus a few runners).

Fall in Indiana


an adorable little family Indianapolis Fall family photographer kids and parents the girls siblings family pictures this Fall \sunrise session - Indiana fall black and white family image having fun taking pictures beautiful light on a Fall day for family pictures - what great posing ideas!Indianapolis Indiana Fall Family Photographer

If you are looking for Fall family pictures in Indianapolis be sure to reach out and let me know! I would love to  get your family on my calendar for next Fall (sorry – this year is booked!). It’s not too early to book for next year though.

A Beautiful Family and a First Birthday – Carmel Family Photographer

I’ve just love working with this family! I’ve been able to capture many milestones in their family’s lives. From newborn pictures of their middle child, to the birth of their most recent little one, and now the first birthday of their youngest! This was a fun (but bittersweet) session. We started the session with some family picture and ended with a cake smash. Be sure to check out the cake smash video as well in the blog post  below.

Carmel Family Photography  sibling love the whole family from Carmel, IN family pictures by KristeenMarie Photography siblings - three sisters the birthday girl at sunset - one year old picture at sunset smiles with daddy siblings Carmel, Indiana child photography family poses The parents at sunsetyum yumHappy 1st birthday! outdoor cake smash photography

the whole family getting involved in cake smash

family picture at sunset in Carmel, Indiana


I hope you enjoyed this fun family session! If you are looking for a Carmel family photographer be sure to reach out and let me know! I would love to photograph your family.

Emily is One – Carmel Child & Family Photography

I’ve just loved watching this sweet family grow over the last year!! Little Emily has grown so much. This session was a great way to wrap up her first year. We did an outdoor family session and topped the session off with some birthday cake! Emily’s outdoor birthday cake smash was too perfect. Enjoy…

The whole family from Indianapolisparents with kidsIndianapolis family photographychild photography in Indianapolis, INIndianapolis family photographerone-year-old girloutdoor cake smash picturespink and gold outdoor cake smashpink and gold outdoor cake smashIndianapolis child photography

Happy 1st Birthday, Emily! Thanks for letting me capture all your milestones over the last year.

If you are looking for an Indy family photographer be sure to reach out and let me know. I would love to photograph your family.