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Capturing Bliss: A Glimpse Into An Indianapolis Newborn Photography Session

As for the newest addition to the family, the baby was an absolute dream to work with. Whether he was awake, charming us with his adorable eye contact, or peacefully dozing off, he was the perfect little model.

black and white Indianapolis family with newborn baby
Indianapolis twin newborn photography

Two Dads and the Arrival of their Newborn Twin Boys – Indianapolis Newborn Photography

The sheer joy and love radiating from this household were visible for from the moment these dads walked into my studio. Twin boys – what an adventure! I have a soft spot for photographing twins, and these two little bundles of joy did not disappoint.

Capturing Emotions, Not Colors: Wearing Neutral Clothing for Newborn Photography – Indianapolis Newborn Photography

I always stress the importance of neutral tones to my clients, and these ones nailed it with creams – a timeless choice. Whether it’s cream, white, peach, soft grey, or subtle tones of green, pink, or blue, neutral colors create a canvas for people and skin-tones to shine. Personally, my top pick is always cream or white; it lets emotions and expressions take center stage, without distractions from vibrant clothing colors.

what to wear for newborn photography session with Indianapolis photographer KristeenMarie
2023 Indianapolis Photography Highlights

5 Highs & 1 Low from KristeenMarie Photography in 2023 – Indianapolis Photographer

Your business, your friendship, and your unwavering trust made 2023 not just great but downright legendary! Cheers to the clients that made this year a picture-perfect masterpiece!

Sweet Evelyn and her family! – Carmel Indiana Newborn Photographer

Little Evelyn made her arrival and her family is so excited that she is here! Big brother did great with his new sister. He loved hamming it up and loving on her. 

newborn baby feet with dad's hands in black and white
Two pit bulls and a newborn - Indianapolis newborn photography

Paws and Poses: A Tale of Two Pit Bulls and a Precious Newborn – Indianapolis Newborn Photography

What sets this session apart? Well, it’s got a twist! Picture this: new parents, a sweet newborn, and not one, but two adorable pit bull pups in the mix. Sounds exciting, right? Now, here’s the scoop: Those pit bull pups, oh boy, they were friendly as can be, but when it came to striking a […]

Newborn Photography Beyond the First Two Weeks – Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

As a newborn photographer, I understand the profound significance of capturing those precious moments in a baby’s early days. There’s a common belief that the first two weeks are the ideal window for newborn photography, and while that’s often true, I’ve also come to appreciate the beauty of successful sessions beyond those initial days. Benefits […]

newborn smiles
Indianapolis maternity photographer - KristeenMarie

A Glittery Sunrise Maternity Session – Indianapolis Maternity Photography

As an Indianapolis maternity photographer, I couldn’t have asked for a more heartwarming and delightful session with this wonderful family. Sharing in their joy as they embraced the early morning light, empty parks, and the enchanting sparkle of morning dew was an absolute privilege. Witnessing the genuine happiness of their toddlers and capturing the beauty […]

Twin Girls and their Moms – Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

Welcoming a new addition to the family is always a joyous occasion, but when it’s twins, the happiness and excitement are simply doubled! There’s an inexplicable magic in capturing the essence of twin newborns and their loving mothers in a single frame. Recently, I had the privilege of photographing twin girls who not only brought […]

Two moms and their twin newborn girls
baby girl with white bow

7 Fun Facts about Newborn Baby Hair – Zionsville Newborn Photography

When a baby is born, every little detail about them seems fascinating. From their tiny fingers and toes to their cute button noses, newborns are a bundle of joy. One aspect that often catches our attention is their hair. The baby from this session had some incredible hair! So I thought I would give you […]



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