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From Three to Five Kids – Indianapolis Twin Newborn Photography

As a photographer, there are moments that make your heart skip a beat. The arrival of boy/girl twins is one such occasion. I’ve had the privilege of watching this beautiful family grow since their oldest was born, and now they’ve added two more precious members to their clan. In our cozy Indianapolis studio, we celebrated the arrival of these sleepy, adorable twins.

Indianapolis family and newborn photography
Indianapolis baby photographer

An Indianapolis Baby Photographer’s Journey with Three Little Ones

Seeing this trio together always warms my heart, reminding me of the dynamic between my own children. The older siblings eagerly welcomed their new baby sister into the fold. Their excitement was contagious as they embraced her, ready to strike a pose for the camera.

10 Fun Facts About Newborn Photography from an Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

As a photographer specializing in studio newborn photography, I’ve had the privilege of capturing new life for over 10 years. From the gentle wrapping techniques to the personalized props and themed setups, every session is an adventure in creativity and connection. Join me as I share 10 fascinating facts about the art and joy of studio newborn photography.

newborn girl holding mom's fingers making silly face
heart shaped backdrop

Rainbows and Lace – An Indianapolis Newborn Photography Story

And to all the rainbow babies out there, you are a testament to the strength and beauty of the human spirit. Your presence is a reminder that even after the storm, there is light, there is hope, and there is endless possibility.

5 Perks of Having a Large Age Gap Between Siblings

While there may be challenges associated with a large age gap between siblings, such as differences in interests or stages of development, there are also numerous benefits that contribute to a rich and fulfilling family experience.

sleeping baby and big brother - Indianapolis baby photography
6 week old baby girl - child photography

Indianapolis Older Newborn Photography – 6 Week Old Girl

Newborn photography is usually a race against the clock, aiming to capture those precious early moments within the first two weeks of a baby’s life. But life doesn’t always adhere to our schedules, does it? Sometimes, for various reasons, it’s not possible to schedule a session within that ideal timeframe. And you know what? That’s perfectly okay.

One More Makes Three – Indianapolis Baby Photography

Imagine this: a sweet little baby girl, welcomed into the world by her loving family, including her two proud big brothers. The excitement was palpable as I captured the pure joy and love radiating from this beautiful family. Baby sister was wide eyed and interested in everything going on. But she was content and enjoyed the process.

big brothers holding new newborn baby sister - Indianapolis newborn photography
Dino themed first birthday cake smash session - green, teal, blue and orange

Dino 1st Birthday Cake Smash Session – Indianapolis Child Photography

Just wrapped up a delightful 1st birthday cake smash session in my Indianapolis studio, and it was a dino-mite affair! The theme? Dinosaurs, of course – with a backdrop bursting with vibrant colors and adorable dino accents. It was a roaring good time!

10 Day Old Baby Boy – Zionsville Newborn Baby Photography

Working with this serene little model was an absolute joy. Among the highlights of the session were the tender moments between parents and son. These images speak volumes of the profound love and connection within this new family.

boho baby boy newborn photography - Zionsville, IN
Pink and red roses 1st birthday cake smash photography session

Blooms and Laughter: An Indianapolis Photographer’s Rose-Infused Cake Smash

Our little birthday star, donning a delicate rose crown, graced the setting with her innocent charm. As I captured the essence of her rosy dreams, her eyes sparkled with anticipation, mirroring the excitement that filled the air.



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