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10 Tips for a Successful Outdoor Newborn Photography Session in Indianapolis

Step into the enchanting world of outdoor newborn photography in Indiana! With picturesque landscapes and charming natural beauty as your backdrop, we’ll capture your little bundle of joy in all their innocence. Here are some tips for a successful outdoor newborn photography session in Indiana.

siblings with newborn baby during outdoor newborn photography session in Indianapolis, IN
boho baby boy newborn photography - Zionsville, IN

10 Day Old Baby Boy – Zionsville Newborn Baby Photography

Working with this serene little model was an absolute joy. Among the highlights of the session were the tender moments between parents and son. These images speak volumes of the profound love and connection within this new family.

Comparing Studio vs. Outdoor Newborn Photography: Pros and Cons for Indianapolis Newborn Pictures

Newborn photography is a beautiful way to capture the fleeting moments of your precious little one’s early days. With the evolution of photography, parents now have the choice between studio and outdoor settings to create those timeless memories. But how do you decide? Here is a balanced comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of studio […]

baby in wild flower field with sister - outdoor newborn photography in Indinanapolis

A Future Boilermaker – Indianapolis Newborn Photography

During the session, we incorporated their love for Purdue into the sibling portraits, creating cherished memories that will undoubtedly hold a special place in their hearts.

Sweet Nuzzles & Sibling Love: A Carmel, Indiana Newborn Photography Experience

The star of the show? A stoic big brother who couldn’t resist showering his new baby sister with these tender nuzzles. Despite his reserved nature, his love for his sibling shone through in every cuddle.

sibling nuzzle
black and white Indianapolis family with newborn baby

Capturing Bliss: A Glimpse Into An Indianapolis Newborn Photography Session

As for the newest addition to the family, the baby was an absolute dream to work with. Whether he was awake, charming us with his adorable eye contact, or peacefully dozing off, he was the perfect little model.

Two Dads and the Arrival of their Newborn Twin Boys – Indianapolis Newborn Photography

The sheer joy and love radiating from this household were visible for from the moment these dads walked into my studio. Twin boys – what an adventure! I have a soft spot for photographing twins, and these two little bundles of joy did not disappoint.

Indianapolis twin newborn photography
2023 Indianapolis Photography Highlights

5 Highs & 1 Low from KristeenMarie Photography in 2023 – Indianapolis Photographer

Your business, your friendship, and your unwavering trust made 2023 not just great but downright legendary! Cheers to the clients that made this year a picture-perfect masterpiece!

Bonded Siblings From the Beginning – Zionsville Newborn Photographer

Navigating the roller-coaster of emotions that toddlers experience when a new sibling enters the scene is no small feat. It’s a real-life drama that unfolds in various ways—some might throw tantrums, attempt to hit, or altogether ignore the new addition to the family. And you know what? It’s all part of the family dynamics that […]

Dad with two kids - newborn photography in Zionsville
Two pit bulls and a newborn - Indianapolis newborn photography

Paws and Poses: A Tale of Two Pit Bulls and a Precious Newborn – Indianapolis Newborn Photography

What sets this session apart? Well, it’s got a twist! Picture this: new parents, a sweet newborn, and not one, but two adorable pit bull pups in the mix. Sounds exciting, right? Now, here’s the scoop: Those pit bull pups, oh boy, they were friendly as can be, but when it came to striking a […]



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