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Baby Girl Maizie – Zionsville Newborn Photography

I just finished photographing big sis’s 1st year and I’m excited to photograph this family for another year with the birth of another sweet little girl, Maizie! Big sister, Rory, did so good and is such a great big sister! Rory is 13 months old so the two girls are very close in age. Maizie has a purple and yellow nursery so we did a lot of images to match the nursery. This will be great so that the images can be printed to decorate the nursery! Purple and yellow is not a common color combo for me, but it was a fun one. I just love how the photos turned out!

Newborn photography in studio in Zionsville, IN black and white baby features - newborn photography newborn girl in purple and yellow - sunflowers and hydrangeas purple and yellow newborn photography Zionsville newborn photography - Zionsville Family sister newborn pictures mom and daughters including newborn

Aren’t those photos just the cutest?! I just love this family and am glad to get to spend a lot more time with them now that Maizie joined the family!

Are you expecting a new little one? If so, I would love to be your Indianapolis newborn photographer! Reach out today and let’s get your due date on my calendar!

A Walk in Central Park – Carmel, Indiana Maternity Photography

This session is one of the first sessions I’ve done at Central Park in Carmel. It is quickly becoming part of my list of favorite places to shoot. There is a lot of variety of backdrops- water, tall grass, rocks, and trees. The light is just so lovely! The only downside is that it is probably not the best location for toddlers since seeing the playground is inevitable and there are no railings near the water where I like to photograph. It was perfect for this maternity session!! These first time parents were super excited for their baby-to-be and I’ll be following them along with more pictures as baby grows. I just love that they included their pup in the photos. I cant wait to meet your new little bundle!

Maternity Photography - greenery and tall grass maternity pictures in Carmel, Indiana Central Park maternity pictures with family dog Carmel, Indiana Central Park

I enjoyed walking in Central Park with you both and am excited to see you guys again really soon! If you are looking for a maternity photographer in Indianapolis, I would love to chat. Please reach out and let’s talk about your vision for your maternity photo shoot.

Baby Boy Ezra – Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

I just LOVE it when I am able to photograph babies and I love it even more when this new baby is from a family that I photographed their other children and that is the case with this session! Meet sweet little Ezra! I was so glad to have him in the studio and to also see how much his two older brothers have grown since I photographed both of them as babies too! Big brother was VERY excited to show off his new sibling while middle brother was not super excited about a new man in town! All in all we were able to get some great smiles. I just love the stunning photo of the whole family- the backlit photos are just amazing. Their sweet little outfits were adorable and neutral, which I love. Little Ezra looked adorable in green! The bow ties really just made me smile so big! Be sure to check out all the photos of this sweet family!

Newborn boy in greenfamily of 5 with newborn baby whole family with newborn boy - backlit dad and baby - black and white image baby brother with siblings newborn boy on white backdrop black and white newborn pictures - baby features rustic wood newborn picture

So nice to meet you little man! Welcome to the world!

If you are expecting, I would love to get your due date on my calendar for your Indianaolis newborn photography session as well. Be sure to send me a message today!

An Inspirational NICU Cake Smash Session – From NICU to 1st Birthday

Doing this cake smash session and hearing this family’s birth story was inspirational. This family was hit hard by COVID and it could have resulted in a very tragic end for both mother and baby. Spoiler alert – it didn’t due to a strong mom, amazing doctors, modern technology, a dad that made impossible choices, and prayer.

Here is what happened from the baby’s mom’s point of view:

On May 3, 2021 I was dropped off at the ER in Kokomo to take a COVID test. After that point I do not remember anything. I woke up a few times in the ambulance while they were transferring me to IU North where I was put in ICU after a night there.

I was taken to IU Methodist then on May 5, 2021 my fiancé was made power of attorney over me and had to make the decision in a matter of minutes via phone.

The decision was to give mom and baby a 50/50 chance; to deliver the baby and take him back to IU North Riley, put me in a coma on a vent and ECMO (ECMO was the last resort to keep me alive).

I gave birth in a coma. I didn’t know I had given birth. My fiancé couldn’t be in the operating room with me as he was at home with COVID and being quarantined with our older kids. Baby Calum was born at 29 weeks.

I spent 12 days on the vent and ECMO and when I woke up two days later, I was released from the hospital. Then I had to wait 21 days to see baby Calum. Dad was able to see Calum at 14 days since he also had COVID.

I will forever be grateful for the critical care team at Methodist and the 17 doctors who saved our lives. My OB, Dr. Linton at  IU North, went above and beyond. He had to fight to get me transferred to IU North from Kokomo and his decision to send me to Methodist to get us more help and all that IU North Riley NICU staff were just amazing. No words can describe how thankful we are for all the doctors, nurses and staff.

We faced many struggles during the whole ordeal. For dad, the hardest part was having to make decisions to save two people he loves – mom and baby.

The struggle mom faced and the hardest part for her was not being able to see her baby until 21 days after she was released from the hospital. In the cake smash session you may notice a few images of mom Face Timing baby in the background. This is because this was how she was able to see baby for 21 days.

Watching Calum fight for his life for 66 days was hard for everyone. Something that many don’t talk about when it comes to the NICU is the overwhelming financial hardship we faced, picking and choosing what bills we pay vs keeping food on the table. There were so many hard parts about the whole ordeal, but these were just a few.

While there were struggles, there were also inspirational moments. The most inspirational moment was seeing how strong Calum was and the fact that he fought so hard to be here after being born at 29 weeks. He was a fighter every step of the way!

We chose to do the cake smash session to celebrate Calum’s fight! We see this birth as a good thing and we want to embrace the fact that he was a preemie and spent all that time in the NICU- it gives people hope.

Our family has all mostly recovered. Calum still faces many challenges from being born early but always has a smile on his face. I have long-term effects from Covid but am living a normal life and enjoying time with my son and all our other children. All the other children love him like crazy! Matt is relieved that his fast made decisions were all the right ones and sleepless nights proved to all be worth it since everyone is at home now!

1st birthday pictures of little boyNICU photo backdrop to celebrate baby's 1st birthday after long hospital staybaby eating cake    NIUC themed 1st birthday cake smash session  face plant into birthday cake NICU cake smash session - 1st birthday photography messy baby birthday boybehind the scenes of 1st birthday cake smash

I love when clients choose themes that have meaning to them. These clients couldn’t have chosen anything more meaningful. They were a true inspiration to have in the studio.

If you are looking for a away to remember your little one’s 1st birthday I would love to be your Indianapolis cake smash photographer. Let’s set a date for your little one’s cake smash session.

Car Cake Smash Session – Indianapolis Photographer

This car loving little man is ONE and boy, did we celebrate! Little boys just love cars and it is something that is innate in little boys. I have seen research on this topic and it is really interesting!
I have been photographing this guy since birth and so I was excited to celebrate his first birthday with him. He does have the same innate quality for living cars/vehicles and that is why his mom chose the theme!
The photos turned out great and little man just seemed happy to be celebrating his birthday as well. We were able to get a variety of facial expressions which always makes for a great gallery!

smiling one year old boy car cake smash session - primary colors birthday boy eating cake Indianapolis child photography - cake smash car cake little boy car cake smash session for 1st birthday photography session frosting on fingers yum cake being mashed crying kid with cake during cake smash session

Vroom, Vroom- now you are one! Thanks for coming and celebrating with me for a cake smash session!

13 Year Old Twins – Urban Session in Downtown Zionsville, IN

I’ve enjoyed photographing this set of twins over the years. I can’t believe they are 13! They are little young adults and it’s blowing my mind. This session was a blast. I’m used to shooting families with little kids. Sessions normally involve lots of running around chasing toddlers, telling fart jokes (I’m not above that), and just overall being silly. But these two were much more easy going and the session was just so much fun to shoot. They don’t lack personality but they are also great at taking direction. It was such a good combo! We were also able to cover a lot of ground – brick wall, streets of Zionsville, flower shop, alley ways, and tall grass in Turkeyfoot park. Their gallery ended up with over 100 images and there was so much variety/diversity.

I don’t shoot senior photography. It’s just never been something I was super interested in shooting. I consider myself a kid person and that’s were I’ve found my niche. But this session has me questioning that. Why don’t I shoot seniors?! They are still fun to shoot and it’s a new challenge. I’m not sure if it’s something I’m going to offer in the future or not, but just throwing it out there. One thing is for sure, if these two ask me to photograph them for their senior pictures I’ll be there!

Downtown Zionsville Family Photography black and white portrait against brick wall boy girl twins - 13 years oldurban family photography against brick wall - Zionsville, INpictures in front of flower shopSunset photography - siblings

These two don’t take life too seriously and that’s the way it should be at 13! Thanks for letting me photograph your joy at this age!! I can’t wait to see you again.

If you are looking for an Zionsville family photographer don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know. I would love to photograph your family.

Newfields Maternity Photography Session in Indianapolis

These expectant parents are so excited and I am excited for them as well! We did their maternity session at Newfield’s! Newfield’s in the spring = lovely flowers! I am obsessed with mama’s dress! Did you know that you can rent maternity dresses through Rent the Runway? That’s what this mama did and her dress was absolutely stunning and suited the setting so well! If you want to book a session at Newfield’s be sure to let me know well in advance. They require a permit (which includes a fee and advance booking as well). It may mean some extra money and more in advance planning but the setting and atmosphere is just perfect!

walking along with an adorable baby bump Maternity Pictures at Newfields in Indianapolisblack and white maternity image in Indianapolis stunning mama to be Maternity Photography on bridge Newfields maternity photography in Spring  adorable expecting couple at Newfields for maternity photography Indianapolis maternity photography by KristeenMarie Photography

What a beautiful day, in a beautiful setting, for a beautiful reason!

I would love to photograph your family at Newfield’s or another location as well! Be sure to reach out to me to schedule your maternity photos!

4 Steps to Create Timeless Birth Announcements

Birth Announcement - LukaFew things are more special than having a baby. It’s such a joyful occasion, and one you should share with the many important people in your life. After all, the only thing better than having a happy event is sharing that happiness with the people you care about. Here’s how to share the birth of your newborn with your loved ones.

Since I recently went though the process of creating birth announcements I thought I would share some tips with you. And since the announcements have already gone out I’ve also shared a picture of the announcements with you.

1. Make a list

The first thing you should do is make a list of everyone you want to send the announcements to. Parents, grandparents, siblings, and in-laws are all people who should receive announcements. Then you start to branch out with your list. Extended family, such as aunts, uncles, and cousins should also get sent announcements. If you have a big family, it’s a good idea to double check with a parent to make sure you didn’t forget someone. Friends and coworkers can also get announcements, but if you’re going to send announcements to more than one coworker, you may want to consider making sure everyone on your team gets one too. You don’t want to cause hurt feelings in the work place by not including everyone.

2. Decide on a theme and color scheme

Next, you’ll want to decide on a theme and color scheme for the announcements. Light blue and pastel pink are always classic choices for baby announcements. Pink flowers or sketch florals look great on cards for girls. For a boy, you can have stars of a blue background, or use an animal themed template. For a more unique color scheme, you can use light green or yellow whether you are having a girl or a boy.

3. Hire a photographer

You can’t have birth announcements without some baby photos. Make sure you find a photographer experienced with newborn photography. Some photographers only offer sessions in their studio, others are more flexible and will travel to your home (fun fact – I offer both options!). Newborn photos are ideal for birth announcements, and these types of photos are best taken within the first few weeks of your baby’s life. Photographers can have limited availability. They need time to go through each of the photos, edit them, and get them back to you. A narrow time frame for newborn photos, coupled with potential scheduling conflicts, means that you should book your newborn photographer before baby arrives. Typically I tell clients to book in your 2nd trimester. This ensures that you can get quality newborn photos on your birth announcements. If you are in the Indianapolis area I would love to be your Indianapolis newborn photographer.

4. Order birth announcements

Finally, it’s time to order the announcements. Double check your list of recipients to make sure you get enough cards. Have photos taken of your baby by an experienced newborn photographer. Then find a birth announcement design you love, and customize it. Basic Invite has many wonderful card designs that are all completely customizable. From birth announcements to bridal shower invites and everything in between, they’ll have the perfect card for you. You can edit the card’s font and color scheme with hundreds of different options to choose from. Your birth announcements will be beautiful and completely unique.

And that’s it! You now have everything you need to create beautiful birth announcements you’ll treasure for years to come. Remember to double check your list, decide on the right color scheme, find a photographer you can trust, and order your announcements. Congratulations to you and your family on their new addition.

It Feels So Good to be Back in the Hospital – Indianapolis Birth and Fresh 48 Photography

I miss being at the hospital all the time to capture those fresh new babies! I used to do a bunch of Fresh 48 sessions and Indianapolis birth photography. With the COVID restrictions that has been difficult these last few years. However, the hospitals are finally starting to open back up which is super exciting and refreshing. Most hospitals in the Indianapolis area are now allowing 4 support people. All 4 have to be the same throughout labor and delivery and only 2 can be in the room at one time. But this means that I can be in the room with your significant other and take pictures during labor and delivery or for a Fresh 48 session!

That is what these clients decided to have me do. This is their third little one and they had Fresh 48 sessions for the other two babies. They couldn’t dream of missing this special time for their new little one. Luckily, they didn’t have to miss it! This Fresh 48 session was dreamy. I completely over shot the session (took too many pictures) because I was excited since it had been too long since I was last in the hospital. They had a lovely room with lots of light, an adorable new baby boy, and both parents were overjoyed to welcome their third little one into this world.

While I’m obsessed with the 100+ images in this client’s gallery I’m even more obsessed with the Fresh 48 video I produced for them. If that video doesn’t give you baby fever I don’t know what will!

Hello my name is Grant - sticker photodad chaning baby's diaper baby holding dad's finger black and white images for Fresh 48 session newborn baby and family right after birth of son crying newborn excited parents taking picture of new baby boy birth and fresh 48 photography - black and white image of baby  St. Vincent's Hospital in CarmelFresh 48 Session in Hospital - family pictures


What a perfect time in this little guy’s life for pictures.
Now that the hospitals are opening back up, let me know if you are interested in doing an Indianapolis Fresh 48 photography session! I would love to get back into the hospital as much as I used to in those pre-COVID days!

Irish Twins – Zionsville Newborn Photography

Irish Twins. A phrase that is not super common these days, but it still happens and that is the case for this beautiful family! Irish twins are when two children are born within 12 months of each other! This brother and sister combo is just that! I have seen a lot of this family lately because we did a cake smash session for big sister, a maternity session, and then the newborn session all within the same month! It was WONDERFUL!
I love all of the photos that we were able to get and just adore the one with the name prop. These will make super cute announcements- although I think that every photo would be perfect for an announcement!

baby in a bed - sleeping newborn photographyZionsville Family pictures with newborn baby in photography studio Zionsville newborn photography white on white newborn photography - timeless newborn images newborn boy on grey backdrop in photography studio newborn boy in black and white image baby boy on rustic wood backdrop

Such an exciting time for this wonderful family- I am SO JOYFUL that I was able to be a part of it!

Let’s take some photos of your family as well- newborn, maternity, family, cake smash- all of the above! Reach out today and let’s chat! I would be honored to be your Zionsville newborn photographer.