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A sweet boy with a full head of hair! – Indiana Newborn Photography

Little Avyay has arrived and he is as adorable as can be! This sweet boy did such a great job for his session and we ended up with a huge gallery- almost 100 images! Everyone had the most amazing hair and I definitely could see where this babe gets his hair from! Mom and dad shared that they were both born in India and Avyay is the first in his family to be born outside of India- he is already doing something different in his early weeks of life! I love how all of the photos turned out and I think that this little man looks great in all colors! These photos will be treasured for a lifetime, I am sure of it!

Newborn boy on white backdrop blue newborn picture on dark wood - moody image sleeping newborn boy in crib Pumpkins - fall newborn picture sleeping newborn boy Indianapolis family photography - family pictures black and white image with baby mom and newborn baby boy laying down

I would love to capture your newborn baby as well and be your Indianapolis, IN newborn photographer. I offer a variety of packages to make sure that you are documenting all stages of your new little one’s first year of life!

5 Perks To Booking a Sunrise Photography Session

So, you are thinking about booking a session and want to figure out timing for your family. The best times for sessions are their sunrise or sunset. Some people may be intimidated by sunrise sessions, but I am completely here for them! I wanted to share with you some reasons and perks to booking a sunrise session!
1 – The parks are empty
Most of the sessions that I photograph are at parks in the area. We are lucky to live in a state where there are a variety of backdrops and the parks give us a bunch of different settings in one area- water, trees, grass, concrete, etc. When you book a sunrise session these places are normally pretty empty and that helps to make sure that we can get the best possible locations for the photos.
2 – More availability on my calendar
It is no coincidence that my calendar fills up during certain times of the year when the weather and scenery is gorgeous and family photos are so popular! My evenings books up very quickly and I often have more availability in the mornings. I really do love the light from a sunrise session and if you are looking for a family session especially late in the season when my calendar is really booked, we most likely can find a morning sunrise session to get the day that you want!
3 – Little kids are happier in the morning
Yes, I can help get those smiles out from the little kiddos, but kids are typically happier in the mornings. They just had a good nights sleep and they are ready to take on the day! Sometimes when we do sessions with little kids in the evening they are tired and it may not show in their face, but sometimes it does in their actions and their willingness to participate! You never know what a day might bring, especially for a little one so let’s meet in the morning when they are at their best!
4 – Cooler temps – this is especially a plus in the summer months
Often times the temperature in the morning is much cooler than other parts of the day and that is really good for most people participating in photos! Who wants a sweaty face in their family photos? When someone is hot, you can tell! The cooler temperatures in the morning help to make the people in the photos more comfortable and in turn, happier!
5 – You will have the rest of the day to yourself!
What is better than having your family photos taken AND having the entire rest of the day to spend as a family and not having to worry about getting everyone together or making sure that everything goes according to plan the rest of the day because you started early and got it done! You can start the day as a family in front of the camera and spend the rest of the day doing whatever you want!
This post has pictures from a sunrise session at Coxhall Gardens in Carmel. We had an awesome Foggy morning and the stunning sunrise all to ourselves. Be sure to click on the link if you want to see more of this beautiful sunrise session!

Family at Sunrise sunrise light for family session Mom and dad at sunrise adorable kid on foggy morning hello handsome outdoor family session at sunrise by water - Carmel, Indiana big smileflying kisses

I would love to schedule your sunrise photo session and be your Indianapolis family photographer. Send me a message and let’s get a date on the calendar!

What just happened? 2022 A Year In Review

2022 was a great year! Personally, we welcomed our 3rd and final addition to our family, baby Luka. Professionally I photographed 191 sessions. When I added up all the sessions that number shocked me, as I took off 3.5 months for maternity leave in there!  I’m not going to lie, finding the work life balance this year was a struggle, but I’ve got some ideas on how to fix it moving forward and I can’t wait to photograph even more families next year.

Here is a recap of my 2022 sessions!

Two In-Home Lifestyle Sessions

Lucky for me, both of the in-home lifestyle sessions included the family pups! Oh how I love a good pup and baby shot. These two fur babies were just the sweetest too! Please, hire me to come to your home to photograph your family for an in-home lifestyle newborn photography in Indianapolis. I would love it even more if the session included your 4 legged friends. While I love working with newborns in the studio, I also love the variety that in-home sessions offer.

In-Home Newborn Photography - KristeenMarie

22 Milestone Sessions

One of the best parts about my job is being able to build relationships with clients. I adore watching families and kids grow. Milestone sessions really allow me to build those relationships and capture that growth.

Milestone Photography Sessions by KristeenMarie

Special Sessions for My Kiddos

Taking pictures of my own kiddos isn’t always easy. Let me tell you… taking pictures of your own kids is way harder then taking pictures of other people’s kids! That being said, I still try to take the time to take special pictures of my littles because I know I’ll regret it later if I don’t. Each kid gets a special birthday session that they get to help dream up and then I also try to do a fun Christmas card.

Kid in Mario Land Photography Special Pictures of Photographer's KidsElf on the shelf Christmas Card

13 Maternity Sessions

Pregnancy is such a joyous time! It may not always feel great, but I assure you it looks phenomenal. I adore capturing women in all their baby bump glory! The excitement is evident in everyone of these sessions. Thank you to all these women who allowed me to be their Indianapolis maternity photographer!

Indianapolis Maternity Photography by KristeenMarie

45 In-Studio Newborns Sessions

It’s no secret, newborns are my favorite!! All of these babies are beautiful in their own ways and photographing each and everyone was an honor. I can’t count the number of hours I spent shushing, or how many times I was peed or pooped on. But those numbers don’t matter. What matters is the beautiful art I was able to provide or each of these families that they will have for a lifetime. It’s an honor to be an Indianapolis newborn photographer and to be able to capture each one of these babies!

Newborn Photography Session - Kristeen's Newborn Photo Studio in Carmel Indiana

2 Fresh 48 Sessions

The hospitals have had restricted visitors for most of the year. So it’s no shocker that I haven’t been able to photograph a ton of Fresh 48 sessions. However, I sure do miss it!! Maybe next year is the year for Fresh 48 sessions. What do you think!?

Baby holding dad's finger - Fresh 48 Session

22 Cake Smash Sessions

Cake Smash sessions are a labor of love. Each of these sessions take a ton of planning, crafting, building and time. I enjoy the creative process as it’s an outlet for me. Seeing these all together in one picture is a great reminder of all those sets I’ve built over the last year. Being an Indianapolis cake smash photographer is my thing and I love it!

1st Birthday Cake Smash Photography Sessions

81 Family Sessions

I love all of these families!! Every.Single.One of them. Seeing them all together gives my heart such joy!!

The fact that I was able to have a baby, take 3.5 months off of work, and still photograph 81 families kind of blows my mind! Most of these families are past clients and being able to see them year after year is the biggest joy of my job. Thank you everyone for allowing me to capture your families year after year and allowing me to be your Indianapolis family photographer! I hope you love your pictures as much as I love seeing all of you year after year.

Family Photography in Indianapolis by KristeenMarie

Thank you to each and everyone of my clients for trusting me to capture this time in your lives and allowing me to help tell your family’s story. You guys are the best!!

Meet Iris! – Carmel Indiana Newborn Photography

Have I told you lately that I just absolutely love what I do? I love capturing families and new little babies and this family was no exception!! Meet Iris and her family! Iris (who didn’t have a name until after she was born) was on the older side – almost 3 and a half weeks- so this little lady made me work for it. 3.5 weeks may not be old to you, but typically I like to have the sessions within the first 2 weeks of the baby’s life! We did lots of wrapped shots and she showed off her beautiful eyes while wrapped and was very content with that.
Iris has a great big brother, Andrew, and he was the happiest big brother and loved showing off his new sister. He gave us the best big smiles. Mom wanted some photos of Andrew holding Iris and he did such a great job with his new baby sister.
Baby sis was a rainbow baby so you will see some photos of her with a tiny little rainbow.

family pictures with newborn girl and big brother who has down's syndromenewborn girl - 1 month old in whiteolder newborn girl on dark wood - newborn photography in bowl awake newborn baby girl -rainbow baby picture big brother with Down's posing with newborn baby sister  newborn girl in dad's hands wrapped newborn baby girl on white backdrop

Thanks for visiting me in the studio sweet girl!

If you are expecting, I would love to capture your newborn baby too!

A Loving Family and a Lovely Sunrise – Carmel Indiana Family Photographer

When families love each other and love being together you can tell. These guys all genuinely wanted their pictures with each other, interacting with each other, and fighting (in a nice way) over who gets to hold the baby in each image.
This family is family goals for me. I hope my kids love each other this much some day.
This was a sunrise session – That fog is to die for! It was chilly and mom almost rescheduled, but I’m SO glad she didn’t because you don’t get this kind of light every day. There are so many images that I would frame and put up in my home! These pictures are STUNNING!!!!


foggy monring family pictureslifestyle family photographer in Carmel, Indianafamily at sunrise at park in Carmel, IN just the kiddos the baby of the family Carmel, IN family photogarphy   mom and baby portraits of each kid handsome little guy family pictures - sunrise session on foggy monring black and white family picture - Carmel Indiana family photography

Let’s get a date for your Indianapolis family photography session on the books. Sunrise family sessions are always so much fun!

A Fall Sunset Session in Carmel, Indiana

I’ve enjoyed photographing this family over the years. I missed them last year while I was on maternity leave and the kids grew a lot since I’ve seen them last. These guys are always fun and have lots of connection. It’s a joy to photograph. While these guys have done a number of sessions with me this is the first one they have done in the Fall, surprisingly!! No matter the time of year, I just love being with this beautiful family. We had the session at Central Park in Carmel and there are just so many different varies in backdrops- it is one of the reasons why I enjoy shooting at this location!!

walking near waterCarmel Indiana family photography just the kids at sunset in front of tall grass Carmel, Indiana parents at sunset  playout outdoors parents kissing - yuck! Marching! Carmel, Indiana family photography sunset fun - Carmel, IN family photography

A beautiful evening with a beautiful family!

I would love to capture the love between your family as well. Let’s get a session date on the calendar!! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a Carmel, Indiana family photographer.

Perfect Piper – Indianapolis Newborn Photography

I’ve had a lot of IVF babies in the studio recently including this one. I enjoy making custom art to help their parents tell and commiserate on their stories to parenthood. Sweet littIe Piper is the apple of her parent’s eyes and they are so grateful that she has made her entrance into this world! We were able to get a lot of great images and I just love the ones of her in the blue and white outfit. Piper’s nursery is white, blue, and blush so these photos will go great on the walls!
I’ve enjoyed working with this couple for both their maternity and newborn sessions. It is an honor to be able to capture the lives and milestones of so many wonderful people!

sleeping newborn girl with pearl headband IVF needles in newborn photogrpahy photo Indianapolis family newborn photography poses newborn photography in black and white little girl in flowers sleeping  baby girl with name platenewborn photography with flowers - Indianapolis Photographer newborn girl in blueIndianapolis newborn photographer

I would love to capture your new bundle of joy as well. It’s best to get your due date on my calendar in advance. Let’s chat more if you are looking for a newborn photographer in the Indianapolis area!

Indianapolis Family Photography in Spring

I’m going to be opening up my calendar soon for 2023 family sessions. Everyone is quick to jump into booking Fall sessions. However, Spring is often under rated for family photography. But let me tell you, it’s one of my favorite times to shoot! The sun sets a tad earlier so you can start your session before 8pm. The weather is not too hot. The flowers are blooming and everything is nice and green. I’m also not as busy so there is more flexibility to reschedule or pick a date. What is not to love?!

I also adore working with this fun family every year. They are full of personality and we always have a fun adventure during the shoot. This session was no exception. We had fun in Indy at Holcomb Gardens for their family session. These guys wanted to get in before I went on maternity leave so they chose to shoot on an overcast day. We thought it might rain the whole session but there wasn’t a drop! We got lucky with some great weather and great images.

a family walk thought the park mom and dad Siblings family pictures by flowers spring family photography in Indianapolis Indianapolis family photography  the parents Indianapolis photographer families

I’m looking forward to next Spring to photograph even more families! If you are looking for an Indianapolis family photographer for next Spring or any time of the year let me know! I would love to meet your family and create some memories of you.

A Family of 4 – Carmel, Indiana Family Photography

I am so glad that I was able to spend time with this beautiful family of four! There are so many great places to take photos but,
shooting at that weeping williow at Coxhall Gardens NEVER gets old. It’s my favorite light all over town. These two kiddos were great! Big sis had lots of energy and loved to run, run, run! She was such a joy and so happy. Mom wanted to capture the love they all had for each other. It was hard not to capture that, as their love was so apparent. We definitely had a wonderful time with this session and I know these photos will be cherished for years to come!

Carmel, Indiana Family photography session outdoor Fall family session in Carmel, Indiana little brother on ground backlit family images Family photography in Carmel, Indiana - weeping willow - stunning light black and white family image - siblings kissing mom and baby boy little brother sitting in box at sunset black and white family images

While the opportunity for fall photos has mostly past this year, I am booking for the spring! Let’s get a session on the books for your family as well! I would love to be your Indianapolis family photographer!

Baby Rebecca – A Precious IVF Miracle – Westfield Newborn Photography

Meet Rebecca!
Rebecca Ann is her parents IVF miracle baby. She is named after her maternal great grandmother who was the sweetest and nicest person on the face of the planet. She-so far- seems to be a pleasant baby and quick to calm down if she gets upset. She has her fathers toes/feet and sucks her thumb like her mother did.
IVF can be a long and difficult process. Often times IVF comes with a roller coaster of emotions and can be a very strenuous journey. I am so happy for this family that IVF worked for them and that sweet Rebecca has arrived!!
I just loved all of the soft pink that we used in the session for such a sweet baby girl.  The detail shots were important for the family so we were able to get a lot of those images (check out the black and white photos).
Rebecca was 8 days (perfect timing and she was perfect for her session) old for her session!


newborn photography - pretty in pink - blush neutral newborn photography images - newborn baby girl baby girl in box with sunflowers newborn girl in box with pink flowers Indianapolis newborn photography newborn baby features in black and white the whole family with their newborn IVF miracle

I would love to meet your miracle baby as well! Be sure to send a message and let’s get a newborn photography session on the calendar today! I have a Westfield newborn photography studio located just minutes from Westfield in Zionsville.